Addressing My Comments.

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  • I'm so behind in the watching of collen's vlog, so i'm having a "Collenn evening" :)

    Huitnez vidéosHuitnez vidéos2 kun oldin
  • She had known for weeks she was having at least one boy, so the gender reveal would confirm 2 boys or a boy and a girl. Obviously she would be more enthusiastic about the girl, because it was new knowledge. From what I know about Colleen, she would've been just as excited to find out one of them was a boy.

    tonye c.tonye c.8 kun oldin
  • Just ignore them! I know you are so excited about both of your twin babies! I’m so excited for you and your family!

    Ambers Happy ThoughtsAmbers Happy Thoughts8 kun oldin
  • Guys please, on the video about finding out genders you said the girl was the favourite and now bc she talked about the boy more, he’s the favourite. So it balances out, right? Please stfu, she loves her children equally.

    LenipooLenipoo9 kun oldin
  • "I don't know what she's doing but it hurts" I'm pretty sure that feeling never goes away. Just a symptom of being a parent.

    Dylan T DDylan T D13 kun oldin
  • Is this a new ring

    lol souplol soup19 kun oldin
  • ‘Pincher bugs are nice!’ Bless his sweet heart.

    Whitterkins McGeeWhitterkins McGee20 kun oldin
  • Let the woman beeeee!!

    Cayden NguyenCayden Nguyen20 kun oldin
  • Omg the background music is stressing and so annoying to listen to!!! Please stop that!!!!!!!

    Negle LirNegle Lir21 kun oldin
  • Your engagement must be wild.

    Lucas BedonieLucas Bedonie21 kun oldin
  • Having to advocate all your feelings every time your feeling them must be exhausting.

    Lucas BedonieLucas Bedonie21 kun oldin
  • I have a question pls pls pls answer on vlog. Are you thinking about starting a family channel?

    Sasha TomeoSasha Tomeo21 kun oldin
    • this is a family channel

      hanacharyislosthanacharyislost12 kun oldin
  • Flynn is the best at improve. “Do you see the spider?” “Yes” 🤣

    Profe Juarez YoungProfe Juarez Young21 kun oldin
  • As you were explaining the comments you read, I was actually L A U G H I N G because wow, that is so ridiculous lol people need to calm down picking apart your every move. 😂

    Alexa AltmanAlexa Altman22 kun oldin
  • Also, Flynn has an amazing imagination. That's actually the best thing for a brain.. especially in adults. You (everyone) creating an alternative helps deal with reality.

    Riss BRiss B23 kun oldin
  • Someone who uses words to hurt or impact another person's life in a negative manner, is a person who has deep underlying problems. The only way they feel better is if they know someone else is hurting. It's sad

    Riss BRiss B23 kun oldin
  • You never say crap about a mama’s kids.Of you can’t handle a joke like just leave her page she loves to joke

    Haidee BartlettHaidee Bartlett24 kun oldin
  • Eric playing along with Flynn is adorable!! Awesome parents 💕

    nayeli daltonnayeli dalton25 kun oldin
  • Anyone else just wAnt them to be born

    Yolainne VelasquezYolainne Velasquez25 kun oldin
  • Thats like telling someone their favorite dog is dog 1 because you cuddle with that one a little more because it comes to you to be cuddled

    FoxyFoxy27 kun oldin
  • It absolutely kills me how stinkin' cute it is that Flynn puts his hand on his hip anytime he’s “on the phone”

    Cece GraceCece Grace27 kun oldin
  • the dumbest part about this is both you and Eric have made it clear you really dont care about the genders of the babies and if they were to become a they or change pronouns it would be totally fine. So why would you be favouring one gender soley based on that..

    Elena OakesElena Oakes27 kun oldin
  • colleen is such a sweetheart like i love how even tho she gets mean comments she doesn’t want other people to go bash them i just love her

    Madalynn LepineMadalynn Lepine27 kun oldin
  • First time with this Idea: *Tired Tortilla Talk Time.*

    Alani MichelleAlani Michelle27 kun oldin
  • Little miss is probably in your diaphragm! I’m 30 weeks pregnant and get the same pain!

    Shanna LunasinShanna Lunasin28 kun oldin
  • Wow 😯 how can some people be any more ridiculous. Just leave Colleen alone. Colleen loves all her kids and everyone knows that.

    Fiercely MarilynFiercely Marilyn29 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe you get this comments Colleen 😂😅! People are very intense with pregnant woman 🤷🏽‍♀️❤️ love you

    MF NVMF NVOy oldin
  • Why need therapy when you have collenn😙🤞

    Batrisya HardiBatrisya HardiOy oldin
  • Even if she was excited for the girl it would be a problem, it’s her FIRST DAUGHTER she has every right to be excited for either or…

    Jessy JessJessy JessOy oldin
  • "I didn't see her in the ultrasound, what do you want me to talk about?!" Me an intellectual: hEr UmBilIcAl cOrD (Edit: I laughed so hard at my own comment)

    Sophia GuzmanSophia GuzmanOy oldin
  • Ooohhhh girrlll… one of my favorite tortilla talks yet! You go girl_ I love seeing that mama bear side come out with every and all fierce mamas! Why can’t we all just support humans… not gender or pronouns or anything with a label. If you have a head and you have a body underneath it then I think your cool! All love! Allison Brown Winnie Anchor The Purple Pancake 💜🥞🦋

    Allie BrownAllie BrownOy oldin
  • Hiya Colleen! I'm a boy-girl twin and my mum told me some stuff about when she was pregnant with us! Love your videos and hope this helps

    Mathilda RoseMathilda RoseOy oldin
  • Someone is always gonna have something to say about someone else’s business lmao

    Grace LightningGrace LightningOy oldin
  • Did Flynn just plug her merch? 😳

    Emma LundyEmma LundyOy oldin
  • Seriously people leave her alone. She’s an amazing mother who loves her babies equally. Colleen is the last person you should be commenting this crap to. She’s having another hard pregnancy and is carrying two babies which is even harder. I was on modified bed rest for my last pregnancy and had a extremely traumatic birth as well. You need to be supportive and bring her up not down or don’t comment at all thanks! I love you so just keep being you xoxoxox ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Janine ArgyleJanine ArgyleOy oldin
  • Literally not once did I ever get the impression that you cared more for one of your babies over the other 😂😂 people out here doing the most I swear!

    MadDog LoisMadDog LoisOy oldin
  • Pay no mind to ignorance in the comments hun. You're pregnant and beautiful! You're a great mom and going through a lot.

    Candace CalverleyCandace CalverleyOy oldin
  • Don’t listen to them Colleen 🙄

    Stacey CaverzanStacey CaverzanOy oldin
  • Colleen should never have to defend her love for her children. Period.

    Cara McCarthyCara McCarthyOy oldin
  • GO OFF MAMA!!!

    Cara McCarthyCara McCarthyOy oldin
  • I feel like these people commenting are either super young and don’t understand, or are trolling to make themselves feel better. They may think that just small snipits that you show us on vlogs are your entire life. They are sad and they want to project that onto you. Internet comments suck. You got this!

    Kirsten FloydKirsten FloydOy oldin
  • Seriously, this is the last thing that crossed my mind, with favoritism and all. Lol.

    Natalya McGeeNatalya McGeeOy oldin
  • “My daughter” “✨I have a daughter✨”

    Jessley ShefferJessley ShefferOy oldin
  • Not Daisy getting hair stuck on her tongue 😂😂

    Kristina AllenKristina AllenOy oldin
  • when my sister was pregnant I started doing paint by number pictures during the last few weeks. the anticipation was killing me !!!!! have not even looked at or picked them up since or finished the last one I was on & my niece is almost 5 & when she was pregnant with my nephew I started knitting ... I made like 3 pairs of booties right before she gave birth and have not knitted since he was born almost 3 years ago. idk if you just picked up paint by numbers or if you’ve always done them but idk I think it’s funny the weird things people pick up waiting for babies to be born

    Klarrisa WilsonKlarrisa WilsonOy oldin
    • not saying paint by numbers or knitting is weird but I had never had the urge to do them until i was waiting for the babies.

      Klarrisa WilsonKlarrisa WilsonOy oldin
  • People be craaaay

    Kirsten MackieKirsten MackieOy oldin
  • Maybe your daughter is camera shy and her favorite is Erik obviously 😂

    Makenna TimeMakenna TimeOy oldin
  • all of those comments are most definitely from 13 year olds... omg

    shwiiiingashwiiiingaOy oldin
  • The erratic surfboard neurally curl because vietnam intraoperatively pop to a petite uzbekistan. early, green grey grieving cave

    Olin DevaneyOlin DevaneyOy oldin
  • I feel like people who accuse Colleen of favoritism don’t really know Colleen. Colleen is the kindest, most loving and sweetest person. She loves them all equally. There’s going to times when she gushes about her and there’s NOTHING wrong with that .

    Art 3misArt 3misOy oldin
  • I am grandmother of twin girls…in utero twin A was always blurry and we never got a good look at her, twin B was always front and center and never blurry! I believe that twin A had an anterior placenta and that hindered view…but it never got better and we never got a good look at twin A and as they grow it just gets harder and harder because it is so crowded

    shelly greenshelly greenOy oldin
  • Lol your little girl is just a secretive little kicker 🤣💕

    Megan NixMegan NixOy oldin
  • i love seeing colleen so happy about her kids!! i love watching her dreams happen! Love you colleen!

    Caroline PattersonCaroline PattersonOy oldin
  • Flynn is so stinking cute!

    cheyenne smithcheyenne smithOy oldin
  • People are going to accuse you of picking favorites their entire life, all in the same breath of them needlessly comparing them. #twinmomlife

    Audrey SAudrey SOy oldin
    • Oh I’d just throw start throwing hands at that point.

      Kirsten FloydKirsten FloydOy oldin
  • Ignore these haters that don't know anything!! Don't let this effect how your talking! Talk about them how you have been! These people need to chill....

    Jillian sJillian sOy oldin
  • i just think it is so hilarious how people think they need to spend their time leaving these comments.colleen doesn’t care.

    John ScheferJohn ScheferOy oldin
  • You are the best mom EVER!!!!!!!

    Aubrey KillAubrey KillOy oldin
  • Passive aggressive insults always start with "I am not trying to be rude but..."

    Rybo510Rybo510Oy oldin
  • is gus still alive?

    Eric MasonEric MasonOy oldin
  • 16:48 omg who would write something like that wtf

    MemoMemoOy oldin
  • Ya girl first Halloween could be Miranda 😎👌

    Sapphires1985Sapphires1985Oy oldin
  • Those comments are ridiculous. Watching even the glimpses that we get with Flynn I can tell how awesome of a mom that you are. I don't know many parents in person that get down on their kids level and play pretend like that. Selfishness is unfortunately such a huge issue with so many parents today and I honestly don't think you have a selfish bone in your body

    Chellby BrookelynneChellby BrookelynneOy oldin
  • People are ridiculous! My "baby" inside of me, has been all of these things, stubborn, shy, wiggly, kicking, being a pain for ultrasounds.... smh. And we only see a TINY part of you're whole day... no one on the internet can judge or tell how much or how little you talk about you babies / kids / etc. *eye roll* Keep you're chin up!! You're doing great with these twins!!

    Amber SeibertAmber SeibertOy oldin
  • This isn’t going to stop the more time goes on they think your going to favorite one over the other. Obviously your not like that and have said it more then once. I can’t wait to see all 3 of your kids together and you and Erik together with them all. All your babies are going to be equal and love equally as well.

    Alexi LewisAlexi LewisOy oldin
  • The comments are so wild to me that I even went back to watch and WHAT are they talking about??? How would this thought even cross their minds?? It would be funny if it wasn't also kind of rude that they're making these assumptions about you.

    Charlotte PoethkeCharlotte PoethkeOy oldin
  • From what I've seen of your pregnancy so far with these twins, I know for a fact that you are over the moon so excited and happy to have them both no matter what their genders/sex's will be! To be fair, I had moments while watching these vlogs thinking "hmm, she doesn't seem that excited about the girl..." but I told myself to shut up and stop questioning this lovely lady who loves her kids so unconditionally! So don't let it let you down honey, you are doing amazing and we all know you will be an amazing twin mum! xXx

    GirlOnaBookShelfGirlOnaBookShelfOy oldin
  • You shouldn’t have to even explain yourself beaut. You’re doing amazing I’m pregnant with my first and watching your videos helps me so much! I can relate to you a whole lot as I’m feeling so depressed and unwell all the time and when you apologise for talking negative about the pregnancy I’m like nooo please don’t because I understand! Haha you’re doing amazing! I look up to you ❤️

    Emilysglamx XEmilysglamx XOy oldin
  • Hello! I know you look at Twitter more, but I don't ever use it and I just wanted to let you know that I ADORE you, your videos and your podcast! 😍My husband first found you on UZthe when you were pregnant with Flynn and we've been hooked ever since! I love the relationship between you and Erik! I feel like I relate to so many things you talk about (minus pregnancy, not there yet! 😂) You're the only youtuber I watch consistently and the podcast is the only podcast I listen to, and half the time I'm DYING laughing in my car! Usually when I get home I pull up the podcast episode on UZthe so my husband can watch whatever I found funniest that day 🙈😂 anyways. Thanks for being yourself and being such an amazing light and inspiration!

    dapperdanielledapperdanielleOy oldin
  • It's taken me so long to realise the blanket is a tortilla, I thought it was supposed to be food stains. I mean... It's no less weird either way 😝 and your love for your children is obvious, I wish I could have this level of excitement about having babies, I'm missing out

    Dan BDan BOy oldin
  • You talk about both babies equally, people are wacky.

    Life With Aaliyah & AspenLife With Aaliyah & AspenOy oldin
  • The people writing these comment certainly don’t have children or they would know… so they don’t know… hopefully one day they will know xxx

    ShalibakesShalibakesOy oldin
  • Don’t even put this out into the universe honey! 🙌🏻❤️ you won’t stop the haters hun, but you can nullify them but not giving them any attention!

    Melanie BuxtonMelanie BuxtonOy oldin
  • Veteran UZther addressing complete idiots, like a champ. It must be exhausting.

    ian ottoian ottoOy oldin
  • wow... mind blown that people are annoyed about that. we all know colleen loves all of herds so so much.

    Alexa MathieuxAlexa MathieuxOy oldin
  • I’m so sad people can’t just allow her to talk freely about HER unborn children without unnecessary opinions..🥺

    Khayla JonesKhayla JonesOy oldin
  • Leave Colleen Ballinger alone😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Korie PenningtonKorie PenningtonOy oldin
  • omg y'all, Colleen only talked about Flynn for the past 3 years... it's like she only recently started even caring about the twins. so weird right?

    mar walhmar walhOy oldin
  • flynn is so adorable

    missari gurlmissari gurlOy oldin
  • "What did you want me to say? That she has a cute nose? I didn't see it!" - The way I laughed out loud XD. Good on you for setting boundaries, Colleen! I hope you're having a good day today!

    InaInaOy oldin
  • "I hope she doesn't feel left out" THEY ARE IN THE WOMB . THERE ARE NO FAVORITES

    Lillian MillardLillian MillardOy oldin
  • Me: Colleen that’s not English Colleen: holds whole conversation with non-English. Moms have super powers I swear

    VanessaVanessaOy oldin
  • I hope you are doing well.

    Christina LandgrenChristina LandgrenOy oldin
  • Good God, people really need to get a grip 😂 just let Colleen be excited without criticising her, please.

    Sophia AdrianoSophia AdrianoOy oldin
  • where is your dog moose?

    DesDesOy oldin
  • Wait people were saying that looked not excited about the girl???? I never have that impression at all. And it’s an easy impression to give even when it’s not the case. I’ve never seen someone so consistently thrilled. No shame to people who aren’t as consistently thrilled. Everyone handles things differently. But from what I’ve seen there’s no indication, not even a questionable indication. It’s just constant praise to all the kids.

    Anna TaymondAnna TaymondOy oldin
  • Why are people like this 😑 just leave her alone 😅

    Andrew VanDuzerAndrew VanDuzerOy oldin

    Marie SotoMarie SotoOy oldin
  • The comparison between the twins is something they are going to have to deal with for their whole life! I’m a twin and it’s just the way people act which is super frustrating but something you get used too! You’re gonna be the best twin mom Colleen x

    Georgia T.T.Georgia T.T.Oy oldin
  • We see a microscopic amount of your life and thoughts no one should base ideas of how you feel about your children on the little amount of what we see! Also the majority of us see how excited you are and are in return just as happy and excited for you! Your children are going to have so much love in their lives not only from you and Eric but your family and friends as well.

    Lil Miss SunshineLil Miss SunshineOy oldin
  • Girl when did you get a dog LMAOOO

    Alex PerezAlex PerezOy oldin
  • Colleen I love watching your vlogs, they’re one of the only videos I click on every time I see it!! So thank you for talking to the camera every day :)

    Elena GibbonsElena GibbonsOy oldin
  • God is king

    BellaBellaOy oldin
  • You and Flynn playing ice cream is exactly the content I didn’t know I needed. 🥺💙

    Stefanie PattonStefanie PattonOy oldin
  • I love that Flynn talks a lot now!

    rudegirl2219rudegirl2219Oy oldin
  • I have 5 kids and I have a different favorite every day lol they are all so unique and different.

    TaintedBeautifullyTaintedBeautifullyOy oldin
  • I’m pregnant with my 6th baby. I’m hoping for a boy. It’s ok to have a preference... doesn’t mean you’ll love the baby any less. I have 3 girls and 2 boys. My boyfriend has 1 boy and 2 girl. Having a boy will just even it all out. But if it’s a girl, that is completely fine as well! I’ll find out tonight! 🤞🏻

    TaintedBeautifullyTaintedBeautifullyOy oldin
  • I wanna give you a hug Colleen! The fact you are even sharing this beautiful journey with us is such a privilege - some people make me so angry 😤 I love you girly! Xxxxx

    Susanna RobertsSusanna RobertsOy oldin
  • Here are my thoughts: I think she's very excited about the girl but since she already has a son it's easier for her to connect with the boy and know what to expect. I don't want to say that she's nervous about having a girl but I just don't think she knows what to expect PLUS she hasn't really been able to see her so the connection may not be there yet and that's fine!

    Maddy RabitaMaddy RabitaOy oldin
  • It's hilarious how certain they sounded in their comments 🤣

    Ariel BaxterAriel BaxterOy oldin