Bath And Body Works Fall Haul!

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  • Had to come back to this video to say I had to go buy artichokes to eat, because they looked SO good and it's been forever since I've had them. So I went and got some tonight, and now I'm waiting for them to finish cooking!

    Christina BChristina B16 soat oldin
  • I love Artichokes they are the best. My family dips them in a lemon butter mixture.

    MissMelody 3104MissMelody 3104Kun oldin
  • 4:45 reminded me of this strawberry scented doll that I had and the top half of the hat could be twisted open and there was strawberry chapstick inside

    Daddy's AngelDaddy's Angel2 kun oldin
  • Seeing you smell the candles made me reminisce about the good days when I actually could smell stuff. I lost my sense of smell when I had Covid a year ago. It’s slowly coming back but I can tell it’s not what it used to be :(

    simplylinnsimplylinn2 kun oldin
  • I love artichoke but next cute of the stems

    Green GiantGreen Giant4 kun oldin
  • My big craving this pregnancy is 3 hard boiled eggs and turkey sausage patties….so I got so excited when you talked about hard boiled eggs lol

    theredsasosintheredsasosin5 kun oldin
  • Those candles are so pretty but always smell too strong for me and give me headaches but Flynn sure seems to like them! lol

    QueenNoTeetha151QueenNoTeetha1517 kun oldin
  • Jesus loves you all Repent ❤

    ToeFriesToeFries7 kun oldin
  • The dog literally passed tf out on the couch when they're all smelling candles is actually such a whole entire mood lol.

    Ãü BarbÃü Barb8 kun oldin
  • I don’t know why but when I watch you it’s honestly comforting and Ive been watching you since I was like 9 and I’m 13 now. Love the videos

    Kamryn RedmanKamryn Redman8 kun oldin
  • Artichokes are literally the best thing in the whole world!! I love them with butter and lemon juice. It sucks that they’re expensive.

    xɤ.fσχтαтσ.ɤxxɤ.fσχтαтσ.ɤx8 kun oldin
  • Flynn: yum 😐 Me: starts laughing uncontrollably 😂

  • I love how she put bretman as a freshly cleaned man

    Ayesha ZamanAyesha Zaman9 kun oldin
  • Artichokes are one of my favorite foods! I like to dip them in melted garlic butter.

    Angela AlmeidaAngela Almeida9 kun oldin
  • No no no it's not Hello Autumn it's actually called Leaves (its in tiny letters right under hello autumn) and it is the BESTTTT fall scent omgggg

    Christina StreakerChristina Streaker10 kun oldin
  • i eat my artichokes with mayonnaise

    krystalin rickseckerkrystalin ricksecker10 kun oldin
  • Growing up we always had boiled artichokes and dipped them in mayonnaise.

    Alex StevensAlex Stevens10 kun oldin
  • Yeah when I had the glucose test, mine was orange, which I love, and I thought it tasted like fizzy orange Gatorade. I loved it.

    alisonwithoneLalisonwithoneL10 kun oldin
  • the word puke is sm worse than the word barf Colleen, nooo😂

    Megan FergusonMegan Ferguson10 kun oldin
  • artichokes don’t look like they could even be edible to me, I’ve never seen somebody eat one, that was shocking💀

    Megan FergusonMegan Ferguson10 kun oldin
  • Flynn: *smelling fall candles* “it’s Christmas!!” truly his mother’s son lol

    Megan FergusonMegan Ferguson10 kun oldin
  • Jesus bless this family

    NANA EATSNANA EATS10 kun oldin
  • We grow artichokes in my backyard! We season them in the pot and dip them in butter :) I am OBSESSED!! But now I'm an artichoke snob because store-bought ones just aren't the same

    KatieJKatieJ11 kun oldin
  • I HAVE NAME IDEAAASS!! They came to me suddenly while watching the vlog and I fell in love, Autumn and Skye

    SammySammy11 kun oldin
  • Ok Flynn dropping the word "actually" in a sentence, more and more amazed by this kiddo.

    Pooja JPooja J11 kun oldin
  • One time i was a a candle store and there was this pizza candle and i smelled it and my whole life flashed before my eye's🤣

    Sarah RodgersSarah Rodgers11 kun oldin
  • When I eat artichokes I dip them in mayo and it is soooo good!

    Charlotte KaneeCharlotte Kanee12 kun oldin

    Caroline Does StuffCaroline Does Stuff12 kun oldin
  • Colleen: we have our pumpkin spice lattes Kory: picks up black coffee

    chelsi Ripleychelsi Ripley12 kun oldin
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Amy AzzaraAmy Azzara12 kun oldin
  • i love how “spicy”= bad for flynn

    Sarah TorresSarah Torres13 kun oldin
  • I LOVE artichokes! I eat them just like you do but I dip them in a mayo, lemon juice, dill sauce. SO delicious!

    lizzz.blizzz.b13 kun oldin
  • Sweet cinnamon pumpkin is my favorite scent from bath and body

    Sweet DreamerSweet Dreamer13 kun oldin
  • I’m really late on your videos because my mom unexpectedly had some strokes and had to have a major surgery a week ago. It’s been so hard… Just wanted to say that I remember the glucose test, and I remember I had to have a three hour one… Hope all is well and hoping your pregnancy smells out and you feel better. God bless. Anyone who reads this, please send prayers for my mom

    StarlitStarlit13 kun oldin
  • I LOVE artichoke. Artichoke heart was my first solid food when I was a baby haha

    Grace BuckleyGrace Buckley13 kun oldin
  • I’m Italian and my grandma usually cooks artichokes taking off all the leaves and she cooks just the hearts, in the pan like sautéed, and they are DELICIOUS, I feel like you would love them

    Ilaria R.Ilaria R.13 kun oldin
  • Not hating at all... but I genuinely want to know when you think the pandemic is going to be "over". Covid will never go away... it's going to be something we get a shot for every year just like the flu.

    Rachael RuderRachael Ruder13 kun oldin
  • Colleeen you forgot about bump of the dayyyyy!

    Shakthi KarthikeyanShakthi Karthikeyan13 kun oldin
  • I had gestational diabetes but all I had to do was watch my carb in take and check my blood sugar

    Ariel BrownAriel Brown13 kun oldin
  • There is a pumpkin patch in Laguna Hills called Pumpkin City that is open already if you want to take Flynn to one now instead of waiting till November

    CassieBooksCassieBooks13 kun oldin
  • Cream of wheat made w milk SO MUCH IRON

    KittyBearKittyBear13 kun oldin
  • I’m 20 weeks pregnant and every time I watch your videos my baby kicks!!

    abby legereabby legere13 kun oldin
  • For Halloween you should paint the belly as a pumpkin 😂

    Drayton SmithDrayton Smith13 kun oldin
  • Colleen! BAKED CHEESE STUFFED ARTICHOKES or FRYED 😍😍🤤 they are soooo yummy! You would LOOOVE them!

    Ilse opIlse op13 kun oldin
  • Flynn and the candles was the cutest thing eveeeer 🥺

    Sophia AdrianoSophia Adriano14 kun oldin
  • I am low key jealous because my family cut me off until candle day in December 😭😭😭😭 because if they didn’t I would spend my whole bank account

    WeshouldbeloversinateadWeshouldbeloversinatead14 kun oldin
  • “until this panini is over”

    Sami EckertSami Eckert14 kun oldin
  • Flynn has grown up so fast, he's such a lil cutie pie

    gengen14 kun oldin
  • I've never tried artichoke. I'm not even sure if I've seen them sold anyone. I have seen them as plants though, their flower is beautiful

    The Scintilla ProjectThe Scintilla Project14 kun oldin
  • omg why am i you? i love artichoke!!!!

    My Journal Therapy My Journal Therapy 14 kun oldin
  • honestly how are such a good mom? I have a really hard time being patient with kids and I just need ideas on how to be better at being patient and not getting so frustrated.

    Abigail TurnerAbigail Turner14 kun oldin
  • I really think Colleen would really love the artichokes my dad makes tbh!

    Adriana BAdriana B14 kun oldin
  • Artichokes are gross 🤢

    Rachies x3Rachies x314 kun oldin
  • Omg I WISH I could smell candles like a normal human. I'm sensitive to smells. I'm getting a headache just watching this 😩.

    K KK K14 kun oldin
  • I LOVE artichokes! How are you eating them? Cooked?

    Michele MMichele M14 kun oldin
  • Flynn is the highlight of every video!!

    Michele MMichele M14 kun oldin
  • *me a bbw employee seeing the packaging: *“cactus blossom”

    Emily PercinoEmily Percino14 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one that didn’t know artichokes looked like that?!?!

    Katherine NelsonKatherine Nelson14 kun oldin
  • I’ve never had artichokes like that! Only like pieces of it already cut I want to try it

    Eliza TEliza T14 kun oldin
  • Omg the way Flynn already loves xmas like Colleen 🥺 “green like Christmas!!”

    Eliza TEliza T14 kun oldin
  • “I would want to get up and run around… and I think my body would break” Same Colleen. Same.

    Katherine NelsonKatherine Nelson14 kun oldin
  • i dip my artichokes in mayo. it’s good. try it!

    Madeline SnyderMadeline Snyder14 kun oldin
  • I worked two seasonal years at a Canadian Bath & Bodyworks. Never smelled better. Never bought more soap, candles and accessories. ALSO you should not sniff the candle! Sniff the lid. The candle itself will be too saturated; the lid is diffused and will smell closer to its burning scent. Learned from a friend who worked in a candle factory.

    Miz Lauren AlexisMiz Lauren Alexis14 kun oldin
  • Kory is like Flynn’s 2nd dad

    Catalina GarciaCatalina Garcia14 kun oldin
  • My sister is gonna take me to disneyland soon

    Catalina GarciaCatalina Garcia14 kun oldin
  • I eat artichokes exactly how you do, Colleen!

    Rachel SRachel S14 kun oldin
  • I have that same hand sanitizer holder they got for Flynn

    Ashtyn CikoAshtyn Ciko14 kun oldin
  • OH MY GOSH!!! People think I'm so weird for eating artichokes like how you are eating it!!! It's a common meal in my family but I have never seen anyone else eat it! I typically dip mine in melted butter :D It's so yummy!

    Christina CroalChristina Croal14 kun oldin
  • Lol I ordered pretty much all the same candles the other day because of the sale 😂 can’t wait for them to arrive

    Katarina MKatarina M14 kun oldin
  • you seem to like all the autumn candles a lot. you ever think of naming your daughter that? definitely not even cuz that’s my name pffftt. I LOVE YOU COLLEEN

    Autumn HayesAutumn Hayes14 kun oldin
  • I died at Erik asking Flynn "can I believe it?" LOL

    Cutiepenguin42Cutiepenguin4214 kun oldin
  • I have my artichokes with lemon, vegetable oil, vinegar, and salt

    Nessa RodriguezNessa Rodriguez14 kun oldin
  • I have grown up eating artichokes and then realized it wasn't normal. I haven't met one person yet who even knows what those are! 😂 My husband thought it was so weird and now he loves them too 👏

    Hailey BurroughsHailey Burroughs14 kun oldin
  • The fruit punch one tastes just like Hawaiian Punch. Not something I’d seek out as an adult, but a delicious treat for sure!

    Elizabeth EElizabeth E14 kun oldin
  • I love eating artichoke! Steam it in the microwave and then dip it in a mixture of sweet dipping mustard and mayo

    Rachel GeimanRachel Geiman14 kun oldin
  • This entire vlog was so funny. Favorite part was Colleen pouting about Erik making her eat eggs hahaha

    Melissa HMelissa H14 kun oldin
  • One of my fav things about fall is watching it's the great pumpkin charlie brown. I also love pumpkin pie m&ms the white ones are the whipped cream and the light brown and orange are the pumpkin pie flavor they are so good. I love candles too. I've never tried pumpkin spice foods is there any i should try that are good? Please give me suggestions I'm open to anything. I love trying new things. Also that orange drink colleen is talking about is so gross imo i hated it when i had to drink it when i was pregnant with my son. But if colleen likes it that's what matters.

    Heather Lynn MetalGirl 4 lifeHeather Lynn MetalGirl 4 life14 kun oldin
  • That flat orange soda on an empty stomach is so awful. It tastes good but all that sugar on an empty stomach filled with children is hard. I was sick 24/7 so it was horrible for me as well. Have some food with you for right after the blood is drawn.

    Betsy trogBetsy trog14 kun oldin
  • am I the only one creeped out? What was that voice at 3:43? Right after Colleen said "it smells like..."

    Shelly SaenkoShelly Saenko14 kun oldin
  • Oh my laaawwwwddd the first time I did the glucose test, I drank that drink and within 10 minutes I felt like I was going to vomit and pass out. I was cold and clammy and faint but I was trying so hard to fight through it but one of the nurses noticed that I looked like I was dying lol and she came to me and was like um.. are you okay? And I said no I’m gonna throw up and rannn to the bathroom and threw up so hard it came out of my nose. I sat on the floor in the bathroom for like 5 minutes and then got up and walked out and she was like sooo.. you’ll have to come back and do it again in 1 week. I was soooo upset 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    Jessica PageJessica Page15 kun oldin
  • I was at disneyland this past weekend and it wasn't bad at all! The new spots (star wars and avengers) were crowded but besides that the parks felt kinda empty compared to pre covid times

    KaCee Is BoredKaCee Is Bored15 kun oldin
  • The smells oh the smells

    Alana MacNeillAlana MacNeill15 kun oldin
  • The pumpkins likely aren’t ready until October this year. Can’t pick them yet most likely

    Lilly NobleLilly Noble15 kun oldin
  • I LOVE artichokes. I dip them in lemon butter but it sounds delicious with the aioli 🤤

    Mae BennettMae Bennett15 kun oldin
  • That drink iiiisssss grosss!!

    stefasantosstefasantos15 kun oldin
  • I feel this sooo much! I am in the 20th week of pregnancy and already totally nervous about the test. i wish you all the best. you can do this!!

    Vanessa KönnigVanessa Könnig15 kun oldin
  • Flynn smelling candles made my day.

    Julita PodżorskaJulita Podżorska15 kun oldin
  • Flynn saying those candles smell like Christmas brought me so much joy. It’s unmatched 😭🎄❤️

    Emily HynesEmily Hynes15 kun oldin

    meg claydonmeg claydon15 kun oldin
  • Did you get a new ring???💍

    Debbie RoachDebbie Roach15 kun oldin
  • The glucose test was the only time I ever passed out while pregnant. I had been late for my doctors appointment around 11:00 am so instead of eating breakfast I grabbed a candy bar and planned to grab lunch after my appointment. Well that appointment my doctor dropped the bomb that I needed to get the glucose test. he wanted it done that day but I had eaten a candy bar so he told me to fast until my glucose appointment early the next morning. Essentially I went 24+ hours without real food and they gave me the sugary drink. I started to get nauseous and dizzy so they told me to go walk for a hour. When I got back for them to draw my blood I told them I was still dizzy and sick but they didn't listen and sat me down and started drawing my blood when I passed out with the needle in my arm. When I passed out I slid out of the chair. They got yelled at by their supervisor for not laying me down to draw my blood.

    Shadow KissedShadow Kissed15 kun oldin
  • i dip my artichokes in mayo ! yum

    Sierra McBrideSierra McBride15 kun oldin
  • Denying him Dland!?? Cuz so many kids getting so sick?? Uuummmmm..... 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Crawley RCrawley R15 kun oldin
  • HAHAH is it just me or did Flynn sound just like young grinch when he said “like christmas”

    Kaylan LinKaylan Lin15 kun oldin
  • A few weeks ago i got my blood done and i passed out and almost fell out of the chair. Then my brother got his done and after he saw me pass out he fell straight backwards and passed out too which is common for him. And then this lady came to us and was like they need orange juice but the people said we cant help you. It was really scary 🥺😭 And my arm is bruised because they did it on the side.

    ♡︎𝙿𝚎𝚗𝚐𝚞𝚒𝚗 𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚜♡︎♡︎𝙿𝚎𝚗𝚐𝚞𝚒𝚗 𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚜♡︎15 kun oldin
  • Moose napping in the background has a the vibes! ❤️

    Katy BuchdaKaty Buchda15 kun oldin
  • There aren’t any pumpkin patches because… climate change 😞

    Savannah SmithSavannah Smith15 kun oldin
  • I eat artichokes but I eat them with the back of the leaves on the top of my mouth. I use my bottom teeth to be able to scrape off way more of the “meat”

    Teresa FaberTeresa Faber15 kun oldin
  • Moose is just crashed on the couch lol

    UrsikaUrsika15 kun oldin
  • Saw your video and hoped online now I have 4 more candles i didn't need 😅❤

    Tyler KnockeTyler Knocke15 kun oldin