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  • I’m 99 percent you’ve watched this into more than once

    UhUh9 soat oldin
  • CAKE TIPPS!!! My aunt owned her own wedding cake business she never actually make cakes by scratch because you can get them to be just as moist and tasty if you add other things. Easiest tip to make your cake moist is after your done stirring everything up just leave it sit in the bowl for a few minutes then put it in your pan and in the oven.

    Nikki TiiajnNikki Tiiajn3 kun oldin
  • tortilla talk question are there names for the babys

    Shane VilleneuveShane Villeneuve3 kun oldin
  • I can’t imagine buying that much new stuff for babies. Everyone who does needs it for such a short time…. Why don’t more people just buy second hand??? I know some safety items can’t be reused but so much of this can

    Nina ChilbertNina Chilbert3 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know who Bailey is? Sorry just curious..❤😁

    Veronica Hambidge VlogsVeronica Hambidge Vlogs8 kun oldin
  • No way i haven’t been here in a minute Flynn now talks in full sentences basically I’m in so much shock 🤣

    AssumptaAssumpta9 kun oldin
  • How much times did she say twin or twins 👇

    BtskookBtskook12 kun oldin
  • I’m late watching this video, and I don’t have kids of my own, but I’ve seen other twin mom you tubers who hated the double bassinet because if one twin was awake and restless they would wake the other twin up from moving around and wiggling the bassinet. Something to look out for!

    Sam WethySam Wethy13 kun oldin
  • I did Seussical the musical in third grade I loved it I love theater i was Gertrude mcfizz

    Kaydence DaltonKaydence Dalton13 kun oldin
  • Flynn is so cute

    Nico FanNico Fan14 kun oldin
  • That cupcake tin is amazing. 🤩

    Melissa CMelissa C14 kun oldin
  • Awww!! I love how Flynn’s hair is like kind of up like a ponytail! It’s sooooo cuteee!!!! I Adore him!! Btw I’m so excited for the twins to come out! Time flys so fast with your pregnancy!

    CarvexCarvex15 kun oldin
  • my dad custom built swings, jumpers, teeter toters, and a crib for my brothers when they were babies

    bun bunbun bun15 kun oldin

    15 kun oldin
  • 6:31 flin in the background 🕺🕺🕺

    Heidi HolguinHeidi Holguin15 kun oldin
  • 3:14 corrie in the back 😂❤️

    Heidi HolguinHeidi Holguin15 kun oldin
  • Your channel, your children. These are vlogs about YOUR life. What's better in your life than your children!? You're all a package deal! :)

    Jecca PulleyJecca Pulley15 kun oldin
  • i never ever see where the negative comments are at. lol the dislikes are like 160 meanwhile having 20k likes! i mean im not saying it doesn't happen tho bc it obviously does just felt like saying that i guess

    Brittney DBrittney D16 kun oldin
  • The intro gets me every time

    Jane NguyenJane Nguyen17 kun oldin
  • Does your husband ever work?

    Morgan SelmsMorgan Selms17 kun oldin
  • Bassinet and crib might seem like a necessity but they are really not. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I remember being at a point in my life I could not afford a crib so we used a dresser drawer. A swing for babies it’s not necessary, bouncy seats aren’t necessary babies. Babies need good nutrition, a safe place to sleep, diapers and love. Retailers have us convinced we NEED things like video monitors and special bottle and baby wipe warmers and the like. Wrong! So many things are good because there are better safety standards but so many other things are out there to make things easier. Something to consider and remember.

    Anne Weber-FalkAnne Weber-Falk17 kun oldin
  • Flynn is SO cute and so articulate 😭😭 well done mama! I can’t wait to see the twins too! ❤️

    Bailee HBailee H18 kun oldin

    Madeline MatthewsMadeline Matthews18 kun oldin
  • like flynn, i also need more cheese sticks ahh he's the cutest!!

    AmandaAmanda18 kun oldin

    xochnsbby14xoxochnsbby14xo18 kun oldin
  • You definitely should’ve gotten paid much much more for that role bc it’s still work. Yes it was an opportunity that led to another job but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get paid for the work you did.

    LadyLalLadyLal19 kun oldin
  • Okay but Colleen pregnant is just like such a good look on her

    marisa daliamarisa dalia19 kun oldin
  • Jordan page fun cheap or free on you tube just had twins a year ago and did all the research!!! She is great!!

    Trina McCarthyTrina McCarthy19 kun oldin
  • I was in Suessical! I played Horton. The best show ever 😊

    Taylor PattonTaylor Patton19 kun oldin
  • We continue to love the twin content! :) Also, as far as the bassinet situation goes, if you want to follow the AAP safe sleep guidelines then go with 2 separate bassinets. The Halo twin one with the middle divider is NOT approved for safe sleep (just putting that out there cause I know it's all confusing and the last thing you probably want to do right now is look into all that).

    NickyNicky20 kun oldin
  • ya know when I was a baby I was poor so stop bragging about that you have money like what the fuck your my favorite youtuber

    Amanda JohnstonAmanda Johnston20 kun oldin
  • Flynn loving bugs is so cute! He should be an ecologist or entomologist when he grows up :)

    Megan ElizabethMegan Elizabeth20 kun oldin
  • Ill tell you what im sick of... im sick of you asking if we're sick of hearing about the twins!!! No! Of course not! We love them! Stop asking and just talk about your life! Hahahaha

    Megan ElizabethMegan Elizabeth20 kun oldin
  • Gurllll your amazing I love that your just so open about yourself!:) ! And I just started my UZthe 1 day ago!:D

    20 kun oldin
  • I can not wait until there born fins hair is everything with the pony tail

    peppa-eggspeppa-eggs20 kun oldin
  • I love u so muchhhhhh!!!!! 😍😘😘😛

    Addison RamseyAddison Ramsey20 kun oldin
  • Love your vids so much

    Kelsie EnglishKelsie English20 kun oldin
  • I use to nonstop watch the Colleen +Miranda video of defying gravity. I love u girl and u have a beautiful voice

    Brooklyn BeanBrooklyn Bean20 kun oldin
  • Love his little pig tail

    sarah.m.weinsteinsarah.m.weinstein20 kun oldin
  • Erik in some Yeezy's. LIKE IT.

    Delissa FimbresDelissa Fimbres20 kun oldin
  • I have a question Colleen, is it scary to get random pains? Like do you think something bad is happening?

    Yes danceYes dance21 kun oldin
  • Im going thru the same thing and I only have 1 baby growing inside of me. This is my first baby so i feel like i have no idea what im doing. Its so overwhelming trying to figure out the carseat, the swing, the bassinet, the highchair, and everything else. When i find one i like then i read reviews that make me decide against it. I need to get my nursery set up and it feels like an impossible task. I have no idea how to make it all work together. How do people do this!

    Andrea WoodsAndrea Woods21 kun oldin
  • mocking bird double stroller!!

    meghan ehrkemeghan ehrke21 kun oldin
  • I'm German and I'd like to know what a "German Chocolate cake" is?

    Vanessa G.Vanessa G.21 kun oldin
  • I got a secret to making box cake mix 1,000 times better. I poke holes in it as soon as it comes out of the oven, and pour and spread sweet condensed milk on it. It melts and the cake soaks it all up, making it super moist and just... sinful. It's so good🤤 make sure its still hot when you do it.

    Maggy DaddyMaggy Daddy21 kun oldin
  • The thumbnail Flynn shot looks like you, Colleen.

    Amy TinskyAmy Tinsky21 kun oldin
  • is it just me or did i memorize all the words from the intro and the outro

    nias universenias universe21 kun oldin
  • when you feel sad about how awful your pregnancy makes you feel think about how your getting 2 for 1 lol

    Sammie WSammie W21 kun oldin
  • You're a great mother Colleen! The twins and Flynn are so lucky to have you as a mum!!!!!!

    Skylar AshwellSkylar Ashwell21 kun oldin
  • You wanna know what I figured out during having COVID that if u still have ur taste you know EXACTLY what u want it goes from sweet to salty

    Catalina GarciaCatalina Garcia21 kun oldin
  • Colleen is so pretty I love the side part

    Lydia ReardonLydia Reardon21 kun oldin
  • 8:48 now thatt was an Erik face. I mean he looked EXACTLY like Erik there

    Olivia SaariOlivia Saari21 kun oldin
  • I just found out that my uncles girlfriend mite give birth tomorrow or the day after that so I am so happy to watch your video’s

    Olivia AsmrOlivia Asmr21 kun oldin
  • how many tines does she say LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jedediah HughesJedediah Hughes21 kun oldin
  • We will never get sick of it

    Ellie AEllie A21 kun oldin

    Alana MacNeillAlana MacNeill21 kun oldin

    Fun with Hai HaiFun with Hai Hai22 kun oldin
  • You should get a double bassinet because they are gonna want to be together

    Kerrigan MckenzieKerrigan Mckenzie22 kun oldin
  • For Flynn's third birthday, please please throw him a Paw Patrol party!

    Heather LovsheHeather Lovshe22 kun oldin
  • I am a twin with my brother Filip, and i am older 5min.

    Zoja ZlatkovicZoja Zlatkovic22 kun oldin
  • Flynn needs his own little table and chair, he a big boy now too big for baby high chairs :D

    AusGirlJAusGirlJ22 kun oldin
  • Hopefully you see this. I know you posted it but I know you were looking for a clip from when you played in gypsy. Have a wonderful day colleen!

    J MJ M22 kun oldin
  • My school is doing seussical the musical. I'm cast as Mr Mayor

    Rachel QuinnRachel Quinn22 kun oldin
  • Gosh, your hair looks great!

    Amanda KeillorAmanda Keillor22 kun oldin
  • I've seen a carier with a spot in the back and front for twins maybe look into something like that

    •Sarah ••Sarah •22 kun oldin
  • Kory is literally the kindest human ever he does anything Colleen wants just to make her feel better. It’s so sweet! ❤️ Also he is so good at editing

    Haley FaithHaley Faith22 kun oldin
  • You are a super mom and you and flynn icing the cup cakes is so wholesome

    CuddleTeddy1CuddleTeddy122 kun oldin
  • I still say "that's bomb" on the daily. I'm turning 29 this year. I think I'm still a cool mom. XD

    Julia MJulia M22 kun oldin
  • I’m just waiting for the video when she’s baking in the kitchen and one or both of the twins want to help her instead of building something with dad or visa versa

    Brit FiskumBrit Fiskum22 kun oldin
  • Why are you complaining? Your saying you bought stuff for the babies yet your bitching and whining about it? We didn't ask to see it or for you to go out and buy it to make a video about it so dont go out and fkn buy anything yet if it's so bad .NORMAL mothers are excited to go out and buy stuff for their babies when they are pregnant they dont get the the stuff and then complain about it ! . And you live in a million dollar house well likely a 2 million dollar house 8n today's market so you can afford to buy a couple carseats and yeah baby stuff is fkn expensive just like everything else these days but when you have a couple million in the bank it's safe to say you can afford it without whining and if its soooo expensive nobody is making you go out and buy the most expensive things there is to get

    Jessica AlexandraJessica Alexandra22 kun oldin
  • Me, german: What is german chocolate cake?😂

    Musical BrittaMusical Britta23 kun oldin
  • Flynns dancing when catching bugs 🦗🦟🪳🪱🐞🪲

    Riley BallingerRiley Ballinger23 kun oldin
  • I freaking LOVE Seussical, I’ve been in it twice

    Sometimes Puppet Shows Are SadSometimes Puppet Shows Are Sad23 kun oldin
  • When you talk about Suessical all I hear in my head “we met at suessical when I was just 17.. you were the coolest monkey this girl’s ever seen” 😍 I know that song by heart 🤣 immediate throw back for me for like 10 (?? Something like that I think?) years ago!!

    Lior DaganLior Dagan23 kun oldin
  • She’s such a good mom she’s gonna be so good with the twins :)

    Sage AlizeeSage Alizee23 kun oldin
  • I recommend getting the baby jogger twin stroller it the best and most affordable twin stroller and you might wanna buy the car seat but the car is good for newborn babies I tried it on my sisters and it worked perfectly fine also I have baby sisters

    ✨🧸🦋Vxnessx✨🧸🦋✨🧸🦋Vxnessx✨🧸🦋23 kun oldin
  • I recommend getting the baby jogger twin stroller it the best and most affordable twin stroller and you might wanna buy the car seat but the car is good for newborn babies I tried it on my sisters and it worked perfectly fine also I have baby sisters

    ✨🧸🦋Vxnessx✨🧸🦋✨🧸🦋Vxnessx✨🧸🦋23 kun oldin
  • I recommend getting the baby jogger twin stroller it the best and most affordable twin stroller and you might wanna buy the car seat but the car is good for newborn babies I tried it on my sisters and it worked perfectly fine also I have baby sisters

    ✨🧸🦋Vxnessx✨🧸🦋✨🧸🦋Vxnessx✨🧸🦋23 kun oldin
  • You should show all the baby stuff you have bought so far!

    Shelly BoltShelly Bolt23 kun oldin
  • i made the cast for The Drowsy Chaperone. i am also the understudy for Kitty

    Claire1024Claire102423 kun oldin
  • The moment you realize you need to stop saying “that’s so bomb” I’m gonna crawl in a hole and die- LOL ahhhh Coleeeeeeeeeenn you called me out so hard- it’s just so fun to say but when you put it in THAT context… suddenly My sphincter clenches a bit. Yikes 😳 Love yas xx hailee

    HH23 kun oldin
  • My friend kept her baby in a pack n play from infancy and he turned out just fine. You don’t have to get too cute with it and get all the gizmos and gadgets- don’t get too much shiiit that’s gonna clutter and overwhelm your adhd brain…. because it will truly become too much when the babies are here and life is Happening that you will end up having too many choices and not using hardly any of it 😂😅 plus you will most likely have a lot of hands to hold babies and burp them and play ring around the Rosie and all that jazz.

    HH23 kun oldin
  • I love Flynn’s pony tail. He’s is such a good talker!

    danyel doyledanyel doyle23 kun oldin
  • On”y buy one big crib and they can both sleep in it young and when the get bigger just buy another one

    DinoDino23 kun oldin
  • Where did you get your sweatshirt Colleen?

    Tatertot72015Tatertot7201523 kun oldin

    x Giraffex Giraffe23 kun oldin
  • No never over it! Never stop taking about the twins!!!!!

    Shelby ElliotShelby Elliot23 kun oldin
  • Me watching this vid: ahh I’m so compfortable watching Colleen My brother: come play with me! Me: NO! My brother : im telling on you!

    ARJ GARJ G23 kun oldin
  • My little sister played Gertrude in that show as well! She was in the 8th grade then.

    PeachesRGreatPeachesRGreat23 kun oldin
  • I have twin mom had car seats and a crib for each..that's it. Obviously over 20 years ago..but yeah people THINK they need all kids of stuff but remember baby stuff is also a big $$ business

    Allison KAllison K23 kun oldin
  • Ur so lucky you only got two one of my moms friends got pregnant with 4 babies 😭

    BTSRICHAF 7BTSRICHAF 723 kun oldin
  • You need a twin go carrier

    Lisa GartnerLisa Gartner23 kun oldin
  • CEO of “like”

    Vi ViVi Vi23 kun oldin
  • You should try chocolate cake with dulce de leche as filling and dark chocolate ganache on top.

    Veronica RossiVeronica Rossi23 kun oldin
  • Wait. I need that Occasional Adult crew neck immediately!

    Chisom AnyanwuChisom Anyanwu23 kun oldin
  • Should've gotten separate bassinets for both sides of the bed

    Shannon BrownShannon Brown23 kun oldin
  • Don’t say sorry for talking about the life you literally made

    Era EraEra Era23 kun oldin
  • Have a look at the mountain buggy duet and baby jogger city celect for strollers

    AbbytheshollieAbbytheshollie23 kun oldin
  • Sweetie would a stool be okay for you in the kitchen while you cook? I used one while I was pregnant and it help tremendously when my legs would be killing me. I suffer from fibromyalgia as well as Lupus and man was it hard on my body. I know you don’t have the same problems I do. I just thought it would help you when it’s hard to stand. I love hearing about the twins and sweet Flynn❤️. Thank you for sharing your day with all of us.

    Jilana MercadoJilana Mercado23 kun oldin
  • Look up click and go twin stroller! This was a life saver when I had my twins. Best part is it’s super reasonable check it out! Also there is nothing wrong with second hand check out consignment shops, the babies will also look more unique ❤️ they won’t have on what everyone else’s babies are wearing!

    Benny&MooseBenny&Moose23 kun oldin