Feeling Guilty

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  • I LOVE THAT YOU GOT CACHETADAS! Ugh I wish I could send you some from Mexico! They bomb af🤤🥵

    Leslie RangelLeslie Rangel4 kun oldin
  • a nut 😀

    Leslie RangelLeslie Rangel4 kun oldin
  • See Grimes's most recent comments on being a mum

    Dan BDan B5 kun oldin
  • Omg the whole “I’m a mom?” Thing happens to me but with my younger sister 😂 I was 13 when my younger sister was born so sometimes I’m like I have a younger sister ?? She’s 9 now 😂😂😂😂

    kfashionkfashion16 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️

    Chloe SibrelChloe Sibrel18 kun oldin
  • Flynn is so cute

    Nico AlcockNico Alcock20 kun oldin
  • I’m so sorry but can we please talk about the shape your lips have whittled into your chapstick?! 😂

    Carlie DollCarlie Doll21 kun oldin
  • Because my mom has done it all our lives,any type of chocolate I buy I freeze it before I eat it,zero chocolate bars are my fave same with caramel squares and Mary Jane's ❤I love it at least

    hannahhannah21 kun oldin
  • That “I’m a mom thing?” Is me everyday girl

    Gigi AllenGigi Allen24 kun oldin
  • Okay so, here’s my thing about bangs and babies. I had bangs during both of my pregnancies, I grew them out before having my kids and chopped all my hair off both times because I just like didn’t want to deal with it with a newborn during the summer and having to stress about my hair instead of just enjoying that time, and both of my kids were summer babies. But if I had Winter babies, I might have kept them. I genuinely loved my bangs and long hair so whatever works best for you girl. Personally I love your bangs and I think they look really good on you but it just depends on what you think is right for you ❤️ hope that helped a little, maybe?

    Gigi AllenGigi Allen24 kun oldin
  • What’s that onesie?

    Katie MercerKatie Mercer25 kun oldin
  • does anyone know what the pregnancy app is called ?

    Jasmine Valencia VergaraJasmine Valencia Vergara26 kun oldin
  • One time you said that the PSL tastes like sausages and now every time I have one all I can think about is sausages and its so gross!!

    Shelby BrunerShelby Bruner26 kun oldin
  • Cachetadas!!!! Awww my childhood, that was one of my favorite candies. Thanks for the memories!

    D. A.D. A.27 kun oldin
  • I totally get the “I’m a mom?!”😆

    The Beach HouseThe Beach House27 kun oldin
  • Lol! I get how you feel! My son is seven and a half and I still have the thought of "I can't believe I'm a dad and I can't believe this beautiful boy is mine!" And then I cry. Lol.

    Zombie Man R.S.Zombie Man R.S.27 kun oldin
  • 0:41 Kory:but tomorrow you’ll vlog Colleen: why Colleen:*looks up to check her calendar to make sure she’s not forgetting something important* Lmao I love her

    Layco 1704Layco 170427 kun oldin
  • The remix is still stuck in my head

    FreyaFreya27 kun oldin
  • Colleen your response to not thinking ahead with these babies could also be a trauma response from the loss of the last pregnancy. It sounds like subconsciously you are trying to protect yourself from hoping or anticipating. Praying for you!! 💗💗

    Nikki GoveNikki Gove27 kun oldin
  • Lmao "get a life"

    Char :)♡Char :)♡28 kun oldin
  • Love the red dress, your so cool and I love cookies!!!!!!!❤️💙

    Julia BrandJulia Brand28 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure the frozen fruit roll up thing is about the texture. It's just making it more interesting.

    Dom DoyleDom Doyle28 kun oldin
  • I was watching one of Colleen’s videos before bed the other night and then had a dream that I was having twins. I talked to my mom about it and I guess twins run in my family. Wild

    Taylor MillerTaylor Miller28 kun oldin
  • my dad used to take a spoon put honey on it and stick it in the freezer for me when I was so small and did it up until he moved and now its a "trend" wow. its like a honey popsicle

    Lucy EngmanLucy Engman29 kun oldin
  • Did no one else notice her light go out on its own? I know there's a practical answer, but it spooked me.

    sheenabeenasheenabeena29 kun oldin
  • Our cats eat the same kind of food!💁🏻‍♀️

    Kaitlyn MappKaitlyn Mapp29 kun oldin
  • It’s the texture not the taste

    King KaylaKing Kayla29 kun oldin
  • I still have the “how am I a mum” feelings and my son is turning 15 soon. He’s more like my best friend though

    Ultimate VixxenUltimate VixxenOy oldin
  • I have straight dark brown hair and green eyes, my middle sister has wavy red brown hair and brown eyes and my oldest sister has curly mousy brown hair and blue eyes

    OliviaOliviaOy oldin
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen colleens ceiling before… like I know she has a huge house but at like 6:15 when I could see the ceiling I was like 😱 that’s the tallest ceiling I’ve ever seen wow her house really is huge

    Eve ChristensenEve ChristensenOy oldin
  • I’m pretty sure it’s common I feel like that or saying that I’m pretty sure it’s common I mean I’m not a mom yet I’m not even pregnant but I’m pretty sure it’s common but you’re the best mom that Flynn has ever has and you can be the best mom to the twins when they get here

    Vanessa BrunoVanessa BrunoOy oldin
  • Please do frozen grapes with jello powder! So so so so good!!!

    Mombie TrigMombie TrigOy oldin
  • I really love that Colleen makes it a point to also say “pregnant people” because not everyone who can give birth is a woman 😌❤️ much love to all the birth-givers of the world!

    Justin C.Justin C.Oy oldin
  • is it just me or does colleen look so beautiful 🤩 💕

    iloveturtlesiloveturtlesOy oldin
  • Girl! It has been 2 weeks now and my youngest started prek and I caught myself thinking "I really dropped off 3 kids at school....like I have a whole 3 children and now they're all in school....like that sounds so much more Mom than I actually feel" it's laughable but I think you just do it and you don't perceive yourself the same way. Just wait til twins come you're really going to feel like you went from 0 to 3 so fast than your mind can like process it. You're going to think what?! I swear it was JUST me & Erik. Even though you literally know you have kids and went through pregnancy lol it's a weird feeling.

    Mariah RiveraMariah RiveraOy oldin
  • I definitely think it's weird how I'm a mother now. I still can't exactly wrap my head around that concept

    komnini kantartzikomnini kantartziOy oldin
  • You should name the truck blanket : Tiny truck talking time!??

    Twins FikesTwins FikesOy oldin
  • I didn’t know you had slaps in EUA, here in Mexico they are “cachetadas”

    payola ACpayola ACOy oldin
  • My mom told me even after having 7 kids she has moments where she’s like “wait. I’m not just babysitting?!?!”

    Sarah Van WagonerSarah Van WagonerOy oldin
  • Kory and Colleen are the best duo every like besties for life 💕👏🏽

    Mrs. AestheticMrs. AestheticOy oldin
  • My son is a freshman in high school and I still get those out of nowhere thoughts. I’m a mother? That’s MY son???

    Aimie DinesAimie DinesOy oldin
  • I have those moments but instead of mom it’s *gasp* “I’m a senior”

    Kajsnsbana AjakjxjsjabsbKajsnsbana AjakjxjsjabsbOy oldin
  • same! about wondering how am i a mom? i dont feel like what a mom looks like in my mind!

    treeblestreeblesOy oldin
  • hey colleen just curious after the twins you'll have 3 kids but do you plan to have more like your sister in law jessica

  • I can't even properly imagine things I have coming up 🤣 Nevermind big things like being a mum I mean kinda but not really

    Beverley BlairBeverley BlairOy oldin
  • I found your videos after looking for other twin moms. I wish we could text because I always resonate with your emotional journey being pregnant with twins! I feel the same way in that I can’t imagine anything past birth because it is so unimaginable that I’ll have 2 babies! Thanks for sharing ❤️

    Lynda SchwettmanLynda SchwettmanOy oldin
  • I understand completely what you’re saying but honestly I don’t think there is any better way of explaining it lol

    Megan FergusonMegan FergusonOy oldin
  • “🤖 bRaIn CaNnOt CoMpUtE 🤖” - Colleen Ballinger 2021

    Megan FergusonMegan FergusonOy oldin
  • I know how you feel. My oldest is 13 and I still struggle thinking of myself as their mom. They are so great. Sometimes I refer to them as my roommates. 😄 I love my kids.

    Alejandra HernandezAlejandra HernandezOy oldin
  • Me sitting, watching and waiting for the bathroom light to go out. 🤣

    Melanie SwartMelanie SwartOy oldin
  • Colleen: No store are celebrating it yet. My life : The stores around me started PUTING HALLOWEEN STUFF OUT ever since August STARTED T^T i dunno i love Christmas more tho

    Paige YengoPaige YengoOy oldin
  • At least fruit roll ups freeze and they become crunchy

    Ava KunacAva KunacOy oldin
  • the Mexican kids at school used to sell those roll up popsicles. They were lowkey good asf

    Jayy MulaJayy MulaOy oldin
  • I think the honey trend thing they add fructose corn syrup making it even sweeter. Makes me feel nauseous thinking about eating cold sugar honey 😭 too sweet

    RabbitDrawzRabbitDrawzOy oldin
  • wtf!! ur no supposed to put things inside a cahetada lol it a mexican candy btw

    Mari CMari COy oldin
  • My oldest is 20 & I still think wow I'm a mom... to adult 😳 wait I have 3 children 😄

    Mel RoxMel RoxOy oldin
  • I love the moments when you sit and day dream what it'll be like when the twins arrive. Please continue to share these moments with us! It could even help you set aside some time to dedicate some thoughts to your babies to be like you did with flynn. My therapist always stresses that sometimes, we have to be more intentional, this does not mean it is forced. 🥰🥰

    Brighid MohlmanBrighid MohlmanOy oldin
  • COLLEEN your vlogs are not boring, there are my comfort in difficult pregnant and covid times

    M McM McOy oldin
  • I wonder if your brain won't let you think further about the twins as a sort of defense mechanism. You experienced soooo much trauma with your miscarriage. Your brain/psyche/heart might be trying to protect you by not allowing you to think/dream further because you were devastated and traumatized from the last pregnancy you had because it was here and then taken away without notice. You mentally (subconsciously) might not want to create images and daydreams about the twins in your mind because you might be afraid they might still get taken away from you. I'm not a psychologist or Dr. So this is not official. I'm just someone who studied it a lot and who has also experienced her fair share of trauma and PTSD.

    EmmieEmmieOy oldin
  • me to

    Phoebe BaxterPhoebe BaxterOy oldin
  • The frozen fruit roll up isn't ab the taste it's ab the texture the way it goes from hard to chewy once it hits your warm mouth

    Andrea ShouseAndrea ShouseOy oldin
  • Hi Colleen my name is Miranda just a quick question for you vlog! What did your family think of you becoming a influencer? Also you are amazing and beautiful and dont let anyone tell you different. Your vlogs aren't boring at all that are so funny and heartwarming! if you want to stop vloging for a bit though you can do it dont let anyone guilt trip u okay! xxxx

    Roblox RiotRoblox RiotOy oldin
  • Your brain blocking the thoughts of the twins because its overwhelming is called dissociation. Its not unusual & its our mind protecting us from more than we can handle.

    Jessica MonticelliJessica MonticelliOy oldin
  • Hell I haven't had twins, only singular babies (lol) and the idea of having twins makes me go "cannot compute." So you aren't alone there I don't think. I think that being overwhelmed is perfectly understandable

    Whispering Willow TarotWhispering Willow TarotOy oldin
  • Can we have a house tour please??

    RileyRileyOy oldin
  • This is a Miranda Sings Snack~~~ Love it.. I have a son who is 36 now and two grand kids.. I will often say that to myself.. "Oh my.. I'm a dad.. oh yea and a Grandpa/Glampa..

    Tracy W TabinTracy W TabinOy oldin
  • A reference from the McLeod family on tik tok and UZthe is she is a mom but she never altered herself it’s hard to explain but I feel like it would benefit you ❤️

    Abby CavazosAbby CavazosOy oldin
  • Lol 😂 you should do a video making a what size your baby is with Miranda props. In lieu of using the app. That’d be hilarious!

    Amanda LedfordAmanda LedfordOy oldin
  • I have never met anyone that feels the way I feel about pools and showering and getting wet and you literally said exactly how I feel in a way that I could never put into words 😂 so thank you girl! 💕

    Linzey DinzeyLinzey DinzeyOy oldin
  • Colleen: why does it make me this tired to walk up the stairs?? Me: Girl, you’re literally carrying TWO babies inside of you!!! don’t feel bad, you are incredible!

    Hailey & SophieHailey & SophieOy oldin
  • I’ve never delved into Pumpkin Spice. I like the SCENT…but…will I like the FLAV…?? Also…GURL! PUT! YOUR HAIR! UP! All of the time. Hair contains so much heat! It’s cra-azy!!

    Miz Lauren AlexisMiz Lauren AlexisOy oldin
  • of course colleen is thinking of her hair when the twins are born, she literally started straightening her hair when her water broke😂

    Bella DBella DOy oldin
  • I love the bangs on Colleen! I think she should keep them

    Laura HamiltonLaura HamiltonOy oldin
  • Yea I had a horrible pregnancy and I didn't think about my daughter at all :/ I had to learn to love her after She was born. It's very difficult to love and cherish something that causes you pain and suffering

    Janka JonováJanka JonováOy oldin
  • i'm so invested in these vlogs, like none of this is information is all that useful but it's so entretaining!!!!

    Andrea GonzálezAndrea GonzálezOy oldin
  • You should grow your bangs out so you don’t have to worry about them anymore :) either way you look great but it’s about what you want!

    Courtney RogallCourtney RogallOy oldin
  • My mom has green eyes, my dad has brown eyes and I have blue eyes like my grandpa. Apparently that’s really common.

    SamanthaSamanthaOy oldin
  • I get this feeling!! Ever since my sister had her baby I’m like "I’m an aunt? I’M SOMEONE’S AUNT? I can’t be someone’s aunt!" it’s the weirdest feeling ever but I love this baby so much and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me 🥰

    Margaux SERTHELONMargaux SERTHELONOy oldin
  • My boys are 10 and 7. Sometimes I’m still “surprised” I am a mom

    shalena Headshalena HeadOy oldin
  • When colleen was talking to the camera and asking a question I literally just sat nodding and thought she could see me😂

    Kathryn BrownKathryn BrownOy oldin
  • Best vlog ever - love the raw realness ✌💕

    scorpio427scorpio427Oy oldin
  • The “I’m a mom?” Thing, I’m not a mom, but I have moments where I think that about anything. I’ll be like: “Those are my parents? That’s my name? This is my life?” It’s so strange😂

    Kaylyn JosselynKaylyn JosselynOy oldin

      AtlasCoralOrbsAtlasCoralOrbs11 kun oldin
  • I love gus and daisy! I need to see more of them ❤️

    Owen CarcaryOwen CarcaryOy oldin
  • I personally don't like Tik Tok and never follow the trends. Mostly because they are for children lol.

    becky schwartzbecky schwartzOy oldin
  • Back in the late 80’s my stepsister used to take an individual size bag of M&M’s and use a hairdryer to melt them in the sealed package, squeezing them as they melted. When they were all melted she would put them in the freezer for two hours. The end result was an M&M’s candy bar. I tried it and it was surprisingly good.

    Ilyse GarberIlyse GarberOy oldin
  • Listen girl we are all different ages & come from all generations so its ok to be different & you shouldn’t feel like you have to apologize if your not exactly trending with the younger gens tik toks !! And we are all unique in our own wayy so lets dare to be different! Who knows maybe you yourself with your platform will start your own whole new trend sweetheart & we love you just the way you are 🙌🏻💓🔥💯💯

    Heidi’s HideawayHeidi’s HideawayOy oldin
  • “I’m a mom?” My oldest is in his 20’s and I still shock myself sometimes thinking about it.

    Christina FraryChristina FraryOy oldin
  • You're just enjoying your last pregnancy, as you should. The rest will come naturally. ❤

    Paramystical JourneysParamystical JourneysOy oldin
  • Yeah, it will really hit you when you’re a grandma!

    Mary PridgeonMary PridgeonOy oldin
  • Hi, I fell behind on watching your daily vlogs bc I went on vacation. I know no one asked but I love your vlogs and I'm almost fully caught up! :)

    Olive PieOlive PieOy oldin
  • I don’t have kids but I have moments where like I am reminded that I’m in a committed relationship. Someone will make a forever alone joke and I’ll be like same and then remember I have a partner that I live with and I’m just like oh yeah

    WhimsicalToriWhimsicalToriOy oldin
  • I feel the "omg I'm a mom" thing at least once a day. It's so strange.

    Marcia WellsMarcia WellsOy oldin
  • First I wanted to say thanks for always saying like "women and pregnant people" and things along those lines, I'm a nonbinary mom and being included just feels really nice. I totally agree with you on that "what do you mean I'm a mom, that's weird???" feeling, my son is 2 and a few months and I was literally thinking about that this morning lol

    Cyrea NKCyrea NKOy oldin
  • Colleen eating that lollipop was a whole journey 😂

    Sophia AdrianoSophia AdrianoOy oldin
  • You are allowed to live in the moment!! That's what's happening when you're just focused on your pregnancy. You said you wanted to live more in the moment and enjoy the good times (or not bad times). So do that! The babies will come when they come and you'll figure that out ❤️

    Sophie Dempster-GreenbaumSophie Dempster-GreenbaumOy oldin
  • Genetics are really cool, I have blue eyes while both my parents have brown eyes too! My brothers have brown eyes too and so I’m kinda like the odd ball in the family with blue eyes. So it’s become a joke in the family to when ever eye color gets brought up I throw my hand up in exasperation and go “even the dogs have brown eyes!!” Lol The day I realized I don’t even have one of the dogs in my corner was hilarious

    Mara Dustin-HunterMara Dustin-HunterOy oldin
  • Colleen. I think it's time for you to move your bedroom downstairs for a few months.

    Rayne MillarayRayne MillarayOy oldin
  • I don’t think it’s about tasting better, it’s more of a different texture experience that’s better

    Lisa LautzenheiserLisa LautzenheiserOy oldin
  • When I was pregnant, I just really didn't want to have expectations so I never thought about the "what's this gonna be like." I didn't want to hype up anything or get psyched up for anything only to be disappointed, so I really didn't think about what it'd be like when he'd finally make his debut. I totally just went with the flow, which is something completely out of character for me. My birth plan = open to everything. Breastfeeding = yes, I'd like to try, but I know it can be hard, so open to everything. What's it gonna be like? Absolutely awesome! Even in those "I'm so tired" moments, you just look at your baby and you're like "OMG....awwww... I made that!"

    krysagogokrysagogoOy oldin
  • I get that “I’m a mom?!” Feeling often and I think it’s really healthy. Because you’re a mom… but you aren’t just a mom. You’re your own complete person and mom got added on top of that. I think that feeling is us still being our own people with mom added to it ❤️

    Kate McNewKate McNewOy oldin