Flynn Teaches Me To Cook An Egg!

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Yuklab olish

Ko‘rishlar soni


  • i don't remember how it started but I remember a good six years ago axolotls got super popular everyone wanted one as a pet but you can only legally buy baby axolotls so you have to fed the baby form every 2 hours even over night so the wanting on them went down very fast

    Robyn DwyerRobyn DwyerKun oldin
  • Don’t worry about it Colleen I didn’t know about them until a few months ago when I saw someone talking about it on tiktok 😂

    mary robinsonmary robinson13 kun oldin
  • I've seen an Axolotl before but I wouldn't know just from the name

    The .CrystalBoatThe .CrystalBoat16 kun oldin
  • Axolotls is more famous now because of Minecraft and TikTok I guess

    abigail _123abigail _12316 kun oldin
  • Axolotl’s are illegal to own as pets in California, so It makes sense as to why you’ve never heard of them.

    A KallstromA Kallstrom20 kun oldin
  • i know axolotl from minecraft

    20 kun oldin
  • It is a Minecraft thing it is a new addition

    Thesoccergirl pupsThesoccergirl pups21 kun oldin
  • girl I know how tired you are but you are so good for that little boy he is so lucky to have you as his mama

    Eden ThompsonEden Thompson21 kun oldin
  • I see axolotls at the pet shop

    BerryBerry22 kun oldin
  • I had an axolotl as a class pet in 3rd grade

    Rachel BarajasRachel Barajas23 kun oldin
  • I am 10 and I know what a Axolotl is

    Megan McDowellMegan McDowell28 kun oldin
  • I only know what an axolotl is because a friend got one last year. NEVER heard of it before that

    Nina ChilbertNina Chilbert28 kun oldin
  • Axolotls are popular on Minecraft in its most recent update and it's becoming much more popular because of how adorable they are. Popular in gaming and Japanese culture now.

    Watermelon JesusWatermelon JesusOy oldin
  • I had never heard about an axolotl until the new minecraft update 😂

    Shane & HannahShane & HannahOy oldin
  • Colleen, I was not shown a healthy way of living. My parents were struggling with their many issues and trauma. Which brought on many issues and trauma onto me. Watching how you and Erik play with him and treat him is an example to how I wanna be for my future kids. Know that you are helping so many people like me. You’re the example that we didn’t have. ❤️

    EverySpecialMomentEverySpecialMomentOy oldin
  • I grew up around people who had pet axolotls and so it’s really funny hearing Colleen be like “you guys are lying you’ve never heard of these!” 😂 although we also call them Mexican walking fish so I could get how someone can mix those up cause axolotl looks strange to write out haha but they’re really fascinating lil critters! 🥰 it’s always fun to discover an animal you’ve never heard of or seen before (although I’m a bit of an animal nerd so that doesn’t happen super often for me, I love when I do come across animals every now and then and be like huh, didn’t realise you existed! Guess there’s an extra creature to love!

    Madeline WhiteMadeline WhiteOy oldin
  • I know what an Axolotl is because of Pokémon xD

    Rachies x3Rachies x3Oy oldin
  • colleen, i think people know what axolotl is because of minecraft lol, i mean, i only know about obsidian because of minecraft.

    LizzieTheLionessLizzieTheLionessOy oldin
  • Che schifo

    Ilenia LunardiIlenia LunardiOy oldin
  • "I need my tortilla" me too

    ShelleteMisfitShelleteMisfitOy oldin
  • Try a sinus rinse for your congestion

    Kendra KimbroughKendra KimbroughOy oldin
  • The reason that everyone knows what a axolotl is cause Minecraft got a new update and the big thing was that they added in a axolotl

    CookieloverCookieloverOy oldin
  • am I the only one who didn't realize that that throw/blanket is designed as a tortilla wrap!? and now all I need is that in my life... I WANT TO BE A BURITTO!!

    LJ BLJ BOy oldin
  • Don't worry I have absolutely no idea what it is

    the suthersthe suthersOy oldin
  • She’s clearly never been obsessed with animal UZthers and it shows

    Kennedy BrownKennedy BrownOy oldin
  • It is because of minecraft 😭😭

    SummerBloxsumSummerBloxsumOy oldin
  • girl you aren't alone HAHHAA, i only knew axolotls existed when minecraft added them in not too long ago also like this if you only found out axolotls existed after minecraft added them in

    Charlene KohCharlene KohOy oldin
  • “It’s literally chicken daddy” is my favorite

    Lindi JohnsonLindi JohnsonOy oldin
  • They just added axolotl’s to Minecraft and that’s the only reason people know what they are.

    Ruby CateRuby CateOy oldin
  • Colleen: can you count the colors? Me: starts counting

    Ruby CateRuby CateOy oldin
  • The only reason people know what it is, is because there’s a squishmallow of that animal. At least I assume

    Alex DeMille Makeup ArtistryAlex DeMille Makeup ArtistryOy oldin
  • my friend had an axolotl when I was like 11 I think that's how I heard of them 😂😂

    Alicia MorrisAlicia MorrisOy oldin
  • Kory is a SAVAGE for finding that A for axolotl book

    Laila Jean-JulienLaila Jean-JulienOy oldin
  • theres like a whole community of axlotols on tiktok thats how i learned ab them

    e mariee marieOy oldin
  • i love the fact you almost named him forest thats so cool!

    Juliana EliJuliana EliOy oldin
  • The only reason I know about Axolotls is because my daughter knew about them. 😆 They are in MineCraft. 😉

    Melissa CMelissa COy oldin
  • dw colleen everyone just acts like theyve always known what an axolotl is but they only know because its a new animal on minecraft they just say stuff like "oMg iMaGiNe NoT kNoWiNg WhAt aN aXoLoTL iS" to be trendy and quirky when really theyve only just discovered it a couple months ago when minecraft update 1.17 came out

    rubyyxtuesdayyrubyyxtuesdayyOy oldin
  • Flyn: ya egg smoodie Me: awww he said smoodie He's littery adoreable 4:42

    Hanouf AljowderHanouf AljowderOy oldin
  • One of my college friends did research on axolotls and they’re so cute to see in person! Don’t feel bad for not hearing about them until now 😂

    Grace AGrace AOy oldin
  • I think a lot of people know what an axolotl is because they are in Minecraft lmao

    Ava AntleAva AntleOy oldin
  • Flynn is adorable!!!

    McKenzie SmithMcKenzie SmithOy oldin
  • I have to say. that Ive never heard of an axolotl

    ashashOy oldin
  • mmm egg smoothie...

    Kate McAllisterKate McAllisterOy oldin
  • My science teacher when I was 11 had an axolotl in his classroom and I’ve wanted one ever since

    Shan DooleyShan DooleyOy oldin
  • colleen we know what they are because they were recently added to minecraft :)

    BeandabeeBeandabeeOy oldin
  • It’s because Minecraft recently added it to the creatures you can find.

    Erica TaylorErica TaylorOy oldin
  • Flynn is so adorable 😍 💖

    Mel RoxMel RoxOy oldin
  • Axolotls are from minecraft

    Sarah DoucetteSarah DoucetteOy oldin
  • The Axolotl is an animal in Minecraft which is how most people know about it 💓

    Flo PercyFlo PercyOy oldin
  • Colleen there is a girl on TikTok that raises Axolotls that the only reason i know about them now. I didn’t until about 3-4 months ago.

    Alejandra MunozAlejandra MunozOy oldin
  • Flynn is so cute

    Nico AlcockNico AlcockOy oldin
  • Flynn is Adorable :D I hope he likes the babies. He is gonna have alot of competition to get used to.

    Gypsy JezebelGypsy JezebelOy oldin
  • Most people probably know an axolotl’s for Minecraft

    Rose LeeRose LeeOy oldin
  • Axolotl‘s are actually very popular they are knownaquarium animals and common As pets hard to take care of need cold water but it would be cute to have for Flynn

    Autumn ClevelandAutumn ClevelandOy oldin
  • colleen i literally have a squish mallow of this animal😂😂

    hannah hairelhannah hairelOy oldin
  • Lmaooo I didn't even know the name of it, I've seen them before, but didn't know the name lmaoo.

    bonjour itsizzybonjour itsizzyOy oldin
  • The Acolotls are new to Minecraft that’s why is is popular now

    XxJxll1anXxJxll1anOy oldin
  • I def knew about Axolotl but never remember it’s name lol...

    Jannira VelazquezJannira VelazquezOy oldin
  • I get headaches from the weight of my hair being in ponytails all of the time. I have to do the same and take my hair down to get the headache to go away.

    M StillM StillOy oldin
  • Your outfit in the intro is very thing 1/ thing 2 vibes😜🧣🧢

    Dana RosenDana RosenOy oldin
  • Why don’t you you name your baby boy forest And for the girl Fae

    Kayla’s unboxing and moreKayla’s unboxing and moreOy oldin
  • NEVER heard of Axolotl ..😐 if it's something I'm not interested in don't care.

    liz g.mliz g.mOy oldin
  • I only learned of what an Axolotl was from playing Animal Crossing (the comedian npc Dr Shrunk)

    Tiffany AguileraTiffany AguileraOy oldin
  • He is sooooo cute!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!❤️❣️🥰

    Maya TurcotteMaya TurcotteOy oldin
  • I had 4 of them!

    Jaiden RiersonJaiden RiersonOy oldin
  • hey colleen! the axolotl has become popular because it was added to a video game called minecraft, at least thats how i know what it is.

    Aitana PerezAitana PerezOy oldin
  • My dad had axolotls as like a sort of pet when I was younger - I live in the uk 🥰

    Rosy EvansRosy EvansOy oldin
  • Colleen we ALL know what an axolotl is 😅

    Existential EcstasyExistential EcstasyOy oldin
  • “It’s literally chicken daddy” Ahhahahahha that cracked me up so much 😂

    Rose XuRose XuOy oldin
  • He’s so smart what an adorable little boy 💕💕💕💕💕

    Karrie FermanKarrie FermanOy oldin
  • colleen it blew up from minecraft.

    peyton amberpeyton amberOy oldin
  • I’ve never heard of this salamander

    Emely VibesEmely VibesOy oldin
  • You’re not the only one. I just knew that Axolotl from this 😅 no worries Colleen. We’re in the same boat. Bc idk it either

    Shannon KembiShannon KembiOy oldin
  • Hahahaha axolotl is new in Minecraft so it gained a lot of popularity recently 😂

    Steph_isnt_ coolSteph_isnt_ coolOy oldin
  • It’s also a new animal in the minecraft video game

    Savannah WilliamsSavannah WilliamsOy oldin
  • Lol at the IV pole being the center of the “Forrest.” She needs a name.

    Amy PolleyAmy PolleyOy oldin
  • My brother has a pet axolotl and we have them at our closest zoo. But before that, I had no idea what they were.

    Bri's BeesBri's BeesOy oldin
  • I’m really laughing at Colleen playing the ukulele in the fort because the position she’s sat in being closer to the camera makes it look like she’s looking down on 2 mini people 😄😄

    SophieSophieOy oldin
  • Be my parents 😭 lol love this family!!

    Ro SayRo SayOy oldin
  • Personally I learned about the axolotl thanks to minecraft but idk why it got so viral

    Domi :3Domi :3Oy oldin
  • Mudkip and Wooper are based on axolotls. 3rd gen Pokemon games came out in 2002. Axolotls in Minecraft weren't even added until this year. Y'all need to step up your Pokemon love. 😂😂

    Nicole Van HerwynenNicole Van HerwynenOy oldin
  • Apparently if you inject an axolotl with iodine it will turn into a Salamander. That sounds like a joke but it is supposed to be true, of course it isn’t something I would ever try myself. ilysm x

    Nadene Taylor-BeckNadene Taylor-BeckOy oldin
  • my sweet colleen. axolatal or whatever it’s calls is an animal that’s been in minecraft, that’s what ppl are talking about

    Symbol LavenderSymbol LavenderOy oldin
  • My science teacher has an axolotl in her class

    Makenna MarleyMakenna MarleyOy oldin
  • the only reason I learned about an axolotl is because i saw it on Minecraft lmaoo

    lixdays l alelixdays l aleOy oldin
  • I've never seen an axelottal sp? ever in my whole life either.

    Pops AudoPops AudoOy oldin
  • Axolotls are also in mincraft

    Delilah SaulsDelilah SaulsOy oldin

    Ryland CloudRyland CloudOy oldin
  • Axolotls are the hot new thing when it comes to animals. They're endangered, but are appearing all over the place on shirts/plushies/and things like that like monkeys did about 14 years ago, or giraffes 10 years ago, and so on.

    Abigail MontgomeryAbigail MontgomeryOy oldin
  • But why did I think colleen was riding a lion in the first intro scene ?

    Sussy BacaSussy BacaOy oldin
  • Why is Flynn soooooo freaking cute?? 😭

    mondler&bechloe94mondler&bechloe94Oy oldin
  • Axolotls are amazing. We’ve been obsessed for years. Recently build a bear did an online axolotl and I bought one for myself and one for my almost 15yo who had the virus at the time and named it Rona 🙂

    Ultimate VixxenUltimate VixxenOy oldin
  • I’ve never heard of that creature either lol

    Brooke AlysiaBrooke AlysiaOy oldin
  • I had never heard of the Axolotl either

    HnixonMusicHnixonMusicOy oldin
  • LMAO dont worry girl i didnt know what that animal was either! also i love you you two love flyn. so much love in this family!

    LadyLalLadyLalOy oldin
  • The name Forrest is so cute tho

    claire 🦋claire 🦋Oy oldin
  • I didn’t know what a axolotl was 😂🤍x

    Macy_ TillyMacy_ TillyOy oldin
  • Girl you need to see if it's safe to use afrin I suffer from chronic sinusitis and days I can't breath I use afrin its magic!

    GabbyMarieTGabbyMarieTOy oldin
  • I was eating dates and they kept talking about flies😭😭😭

    homo sapienhomo sapienOy oldin
  • You almost named him what?

    homo sapienhomo sapienOy oldin