having a hard day. (shocker.)

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  • Can we give Erik props for helping out with vlogging when Colleen isn’t feeling 100%? Those clips with Flynn feeding goats is so precious

    Noelle BatistaNoelle Batista13 kun oldin
  • Please don’t stop vlogging ❤️ and please don’t apologize 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 you are a bad ass!!

    Kirsten KellyKirsten Kelly15 kun oldin
  • You should take a break from everything. Just lay in bed and don't leave the house and don't vlog for the day. People would completely understand why you didn't vlog for that day.

    DreamerDreamer23 kun oldin
  • im crying with u 😭

    Venus CaparasVenus Caparas23 kun oldin
  • You can totally see Eric in Flynns face!!

    Bro WillBro Will23 kun oldin
  • You’ve got this Colleen!!💖 You are so so strong 💪🏻 Your feeling are valid and it’s not complaining when you tell us how you feel. That’s ok!!! That’s totally ok!! It’s good for you to express your feelings sweetie! That’s healthy! That’s amazing for your brain! Your amazing ❤️ Love you so much! Your vlogs bring so much joy 🥰

    Sunflowerag AGSunflowerag AG29 kun oldin
  • Flynn is so cute!

    mlynnemlynneOy oldin
  • 1:34 when Colleen is showing the bump, you can see one of the babies kicking, my guess is the girl.

    Jay SeaJay SeaOy oldin
  • I so look forward to the day when Colleen figures out a way to style her curly hair that she likes. I think it would look great :)

    Nina ChilbertNina ChilbertOy oldin
  • As someone who had a really hard pregnancy I really appreciate you sharing your true story ❤️ It’s really relatable.

    bedofstarsbedofstarsOy oldin
  • You look absolutely beautiful Mama 💗

    Meghan SMeghan SOy oldin
  • Praying for you this week you will get through I love your channel and stream too

    Stuart KeylockStuart KeylockOy oldin
  • For the congestion, would you not be able to make use of a medicine like Otrivine when it gets too bad? Check with your doctor, it would help a LOT.

    Sofia RezendeSofia RezendeOy oldin
  • I feel like you have just announced the pregnancy and the twins are already so big. Wishing the best for you Colleen ❤️

    Sofia AlexandraSofia AlexandraOy oldin
  • I can not handle Flynn's cuteness! I literally cried🥺 I know "literally" has lost it's 'literal' meaning from overuse, but I LITERALLY cried!

    Micah WoodardMicah WoodardOy oldin
  • It doesn’t seem like today is different than any other day including before you were pregnant. Prior to pregnancy, you had a ton of mental, emotional and physical complaints. Now, you have the additional pregnancy complaints. When are you going to actually be without complaints, because we will come back then?

    SusanScrapPassionSusanScrapPassionOy oldin
  • Omg he looks so much like Erik in minute 2:02 😨 I mean the expression is exactly the same

    CristinaCristinaOy oldin
  • Flynn’s little “I’m stuck” noises were so cute

    Liv WellerLiv WellerOy oldin

    angela garibayangela garibayOy oldin
  • colleen: “i cant breathe” also colleen: “anyways yeah but it’s okay i don’t want to complain”

    sPaGeT :DsPaGeT :DOy oldin
  • 2:02

    M McM McOy oldin
  • I understand your pelvic region pain. My first pregnancy, I only had it in the last few weeks. But with my youngest, it started at 9 weeks. My pelvis was a mess, and I literally wanted to die at times. I wanted them to do a C Section by the time I was 30 weeks. The pregnancy was high risk already, and he was born at 37 weeks, but oh...the pain for that entire pregnancy. I lost all perspective. I feel you.

    Melissa MitchellMelissa MitchellOy oldin

    ahsloverasfahsloverasfOy oldin
  • when he closed his eyes and shook his head yes he looked just like Eric😂 i love it

    kirstin martinkirstin martinOy oldin
  • you deserve it you earned it

    Sduolc EpohSduolc EpohOy oldin
  • COLLEEN! STOP! JUST STOP! Please stop apologizing for complaining about being in pain. No one should apologize for that. Especially, especially, when they are halfway pregnant with TWO babies!! Pregnancy is hard. It’s hard with one baby, it’s hard with two, it’s hard with three, etc. Women should never apologize for complaining while being pregnant. Especially since it’s mostly men who are always criticizing when they don’t know anything about what women go through to give them children. They go through no pain during pregnancy. PLEASE STOP APOLOGIZING FOR COMPLAINING

    MoranFishingMoranFishingOy oldin
  • It’s ok to whine after a bad day. You don’t have to apologize. If someone gets mad at you for what you post on your UZthe, about your day, they don’t need to watch you. You had a bad day, feel free to vent

    Zippy KatherineZippy KatherineOy oldin
  • COLLEEN don't try frozen honey it gives you diarrhea

    ScaleyFriendsTVScaleyFriendsTVOy oldin
  • Hey... just FYI you are STUNNING

    Natalie McCreaNatalie McCreaOy oldin
  • Air purifiers might help with the allergies

    CaitlynnM123CaitlynnM123Oy oldin
  • It is frozen honey but they add flavour

    Chloe BechdelChloe BechdelOy oldin
  • As I’m watching this I’m sitting on my couch, crying because the pregnancy nausea is so hard. And the hormones and everything that comes with pregnancy is HARD. I relate to you, it’s hard, it sucks, it’s SO COOL, but a break for one day would be amazing

    abby legereabby legereOy oldin
  • and the TikTok trend they can just freeze the bottle of honey and take the cap off and then eat it and you are so right this trend is weird

    puggypuggyOy oldin
  • there is a truck under the couch

    puggypuggyOy oldin
  • Hey mama, I am 23 and I have not experienced pregnancy yet but I do suffer from chronic conditions and pain, the worst being chronic migraines I’ve dealt with since i was 11. It’s not just a regular headache, I can’t see I can’t speak my face droops and I throw up for hours along with the head pain that is so so bad I’ve had my fair share of er visits. Thanks to my neurologists/medications and doctors in general I no longer have chronic migraines because of all the medication and preventatives I take, but I unfortunately know the feeling of wanting one day off and feeling trapped in your own pain and body. There’s a week every month where I can’t do my preventative shot yet but last months has worn off and it just brings me back to that feeling of being trapped. It’s a terrible feeling, it’s extremely depressing and triggers a lot of hopelessness. I experience the same feeling with severe anxiety or panic attacks where it feels like it’s never going to end and that is one of the worst feelings in the world. I try to remember that all of it comes in waves (thanks to my wonderful therapist who has worked w me for the past 2 years) and waves eventually crash, and there’s a pause before more. To feel as if there is no pause between the waves is crushing. So feel those feelings, know you’re not alone, there is an end to these waves, and you will take it a day at a time. You’re amazing xo

    Amy DundaAmy DundaOy oldin
  • Oh I have that blanket

    Nanami montoyaNanami montoyaOy oldin
  • I'm not sure if you know this but there's these little butt wipes for hemorrhoids and I think it's supposed to relieve pain? I'm not too sure because my mom told me about it one time and I can't remember properly. Maybe it's something worth looking into?

    Sophia GuzmanSophia GuzmanOy oldin
  • the noise when people bite into the frozen honey makes me want to vomit is that just me

    Keira ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴇʀKeira ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴇʀOy oldin
  • This is so random, but I love love love the way Colleen looks with the side part. I know everyone keeps hating on it but I don’t know why because it’s great.

    SidneySidneyOy oldin
  • It's the texture

    Jacklyn Leigh BlogsJacklyn Leigh BlogsOy oldin
  • Something I have learned over the 9 years of my genetic disorder leaving me disabled is that you’re not a problem or burden for expressing your pain and discomfort. Apologizing for expressing that is invalidating your own experiences and puts yourself in a mindset that you don’t deserve to feel the relief that can come from verbalizing and embracing what comes from your physical and mental feelings. Bottling them up is worse, because it builds and builds until it overwhelms everything you feel and do. Expressing what you’re feeling, even if it is just to one person, allows people to support you because you can’t manage everything on your own, and that is okay. Nobody can carry all of that weight by themselves, no matter what the issue is. I am in pain every day and have been for a long time. It’s almost easier when you’ve felt bad for this long because you adapt. When it’s newer pain, it is hard because you don’t know exactly what you need to cope and manage the hardship that comes with it. One thing that helps is support, and that support can only come when you are honest about how you feel. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t tell my loved ones about my struggles. Some days, I still wish I could just have even an hour of relief, but I’m better equipped to handle those bad times because I have that support to get me through. So please, never apologize for expressing how you feel. It is a necessity to get through difficult times. Sending you all of my love, Colleen. I’m proud of you.

    Brittany BrownsonBrittany BrownsonOy oldin
  • I really feel for Colleen. I’m not pregnant but I do have fibromyalgia- a chronic pain condition along with other disabilities including chronic fatigue. This is why I’m not pregnant despite wanting another baby. My son is 14 now but I was diagnosed when he was smaller and I remember the realisation that I would never be able to run around and play like we used to. Now he’s the one that helps me walk, dress, eat etc. I’m used to my pain and I do have meltdowns but they’re happening less because this is my life now. I’m going to get worse and I already walk with a cain. I’ve already passed the time I was estimated being in a wheelchair. But this pregnancy sound like bits of having the conditions I do. & although it’s temporary, until the babies come, it’s new and a huge shock to the body. They’re not the same thing I know but I feel so sad knowing how Colleen feels but for a different reason. Pain is horrible but long term is genuinely depressing. & its ok to be sad about it. It helps to cry ❤️

    Ultimate VixxenUltimate VixxenOy oldin
  • We don’t mind if you miss a few vlogs, your health comes first. We love and care about you so much❤️ love you Colleen

    alyssa aparicioalyssa aparicioOy oldin
  • u look so beautiful u are glowing!

    aaahhhaaahhhOy oldin
  • I'm so sorry colleen I wish i would take the pain away😢😢😢

    Zainab Al-BaghliZainab Al-BaghliOy oldin
  • I remember feeling like that! I just wanted to take the tummy off and just take a break! I’m sorry Colleen ! I know it seems like you are pregnant forever because you ARE! It does not go by fast. I hope you feel better

    Karen deClouetKaren deClouetOy oldin
  • I started crying when you talked about feeling your little girl kick. I’m adopted so I never knew my mother. I wonder what it was like when I was in her. Did I move a lot? How much did I kick? How big was her bump? I’m pretty small and I was born premature so I don’t know. Did she like being pregnant? I’m totally fine if she didn’t. 😂 what were her symptoms and cravings? I have so many more questions. Maybe some day I’ll get answers. I’m searching for her right now. I hope she knows that I love her very much and that I dearly want a relationship with her.

    LaurenLaurenOy oldin
  • its not worth it. i just tastes like cold chewy honey. it's not tasty its way too sweet

    elise youngelise youngOy oldin
  • Flynn looks so much like Eric

    Dark humour👌Dark humour👌Oy oldin
  • Okay but this is such relatable content from a chronic pain perspective. Chronic pain and fatigue from various conditions suck and the accompanying mental health trash that goes with it. It’s a club that you only understand when you are also experiencing pain and wishing escape from your body. We love you Colleen! You are showing a reality that is often hidden and it’s actually very helpful to show this sometimes ❤️

    Tara Brooke CarrollTara Brooke CarrollOy oldin
    • I have EDS and it’s friends that cause chronic pain and fatigue plus a bit of cPTSD mixed in

      Tara Brooke CarrollTara Brooke CarrollOy oldin
  • I feel the same about the honey trend

    Selina DufourSelina DufourOy oldin
  • Flynn is the cutest! I love when he holds her face 😍😍😍😩😩❤️❤️❤️

    Kerrie Maclean-LyttleKerrie Maclean-LyttleOy oldin
  • You are the prettiest pregnant woman ever! I hope I look like you when I’m pregnant!!❤️

    Olivia PayneOlivia PayneOy oldin
  • He's talking so good

    Armani MitchellArmani MitchellOy oldin
  • I think the reason why they act so surprised is because it’s really chewy

    Hunnibunni !Hunnibunni !Oy oldin
  • Colleen should make a shorts channel where she posts her updates and maybe some cute clips of Flynn or just anything I would love to watch them 💖

    _Galaxy Edits__Galaxy Edits_Oy oldin
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    Elizabeth PerryElizabeth PerryOy oldin
  • 2:02 his little nod looked soooo much like erik 😭🥺🥺

    lukesluvbotlukesluvbotOy oldin
  • 2:02 his little nod looked soooo much like erik 😭🥺🥺

    lukesluvbotlukesluvbotOy oldin
  • Please try a belly band. It may really help!!! I know you don't like stuff over your tummy but I swear it helps with the pressure

    Kentucky KupkakesKentucky KupkakesOy oldin
  • Not being able to play with your baby while in pain is the worst feeling ever. I think most nights at the end of the night I would be in bed crying with a whole bunch of mom guilt. It’s so worth it in the end my daughter loves his little brother so much!

    Vanessa TorresVanessa TorresOy oldin
  • Dear colleen, i have been following you for years now, but I’ve never been a commenter till now. I have cancer, and i wanted to tell you a lot of your pregnancy symptoms are symptoms i get from the chemo. While it’s not the same, i feel your pain. Some days are hard ultimately once you have your little babies you’ll be so happy!! I love you so much and wish you strength! Well get through it, i absolutely love watching your videos, you’ve gotten me through some hard days myself.

    megan ledetmegan ledetOy oldin
  • 02:00 Pure Eriks reaction

    Sara SchlSara SchlOy oldin
  • Omg the way he said """"Silly mama 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 he is so cute

    Gilda CariasGilda CariasOy oldin
  • were her for u colleen and always remember that we are here

    Janelle GJanelle GOy oldin
  • Haha I tried the honey thing. I don’t like honey but I was like ‘is that it’ hahaha I was like ‘this is sooooooo over rated’ (we kept the honey after and used it dw)

    Tiya MariaTiya MariaOy oldin
  • Hey Colleen, looking for a reason to move somewhere else and do something else with my life. Let me know if you ever are looking for a nanny I would literally move across the country just to be Flynn's nanny.

    Lis GravesLis GravesOy oldin
    • Oh and I could teach him how to swim. I'm a certified lifeguard and swim instructor. And I have over 6 years experience working with children

      Lis GravesLis GravesOy oldin
  • 2:02 omg flynn looks exactly like eric 😍😭

    Rojina almRojina almOy oldin
  • You are the sweetest most amazing mom ever! And you make beautiful babies! Please know that and I think you are amazing!

    Stacy lynnStacy lynnOy oldin
  • Pregnancy is f*cking hard. I promise you aren't alone in this. I have days where I feel so incredibly useless. It's so mentally challenging to not be able to do the things you want to do. It's mentally draining to be constantly in pain and feel awful. Remember that no matter how shitty you feel, or how useless you might feel, you have to know that you are doing something amazing. You are making TWO little humans. Your body is taking care of these little ones and helping them grow nice and strong! Also, every time I'm really upset my baby moves too. I swear my sweet little boy knows when mamas sad and he kicks me and wiggles. Sometimes it hurts to think he might know mamas sad, but I swear he's trying to comfort me ❤️

    Nicole Van HerwynenNicole Van HerwynenOy oldin
  • i feel the same way about the frozen honey 😭

    Adriana FloresAdriana FloresOy oldin
  • I’m not pregnant but I know what you’re going through sort of. Sometimes I just can’t breathe or I’m in so much pain that I just don’t want to do anything just stacked on top of depressive episodes. I know you get this a lot but you are such a beautiful and powerful woman growing TWO humans. You are an absolute rockstar and such an inspiration, some days might be worse than others but you’re here and you’re brighting everyone of our days. You are going through so much but you still posts vlogs every single day, there aren’t enough words to describe how amazing you make us feel even when you’re struggling. You’re going to be such an amazing parent of 3 children and I look up to you, everything you’ve accomplished, and everything you’re going to accomplish. Keep being the beautiful and best person you can be, we are all here for you.

    River StyxRiver StyxOy oldin
  • me still waiting for the picture I will never get of colleen 19 weeks next to Jessica at 40 weeks 😭

    Livin' with DassahCakesLivin' with DassahCakesOy oldin
  • Flynn is literally blonde Erik it’s adorable

    stephaniestephanieOy oldin
  • awww it’s ok 🥺

    Anthony RiveraAnthony RiveraOy oldin
  • Flynn is just such a sweet boy!! You guys are such great parents.

    Alishia MountcastleAlishia MountcastleOy oldin
  • You look so pretty ♥️

    Terri FenwickTerri FenwickOy oldin
  • You should make Miranda videos making fun of trends

    Arvilla MorettArvilla MorettOy oldin
  • Can you plz do a muckbang with jojo plz

    BJ GreeneBJ GreeneOy oldin
  • 2:02 he looks so much like Eric

    Casandra BadilloCasandra BadilloOy oldin

    Brigid CollinsBrigid CollinsOy oldin
  • Aww Flynn is so adorable hehe.

    Danica ClarkDanica ClarkOy oldin
  • 💓🙏 Lawd sister u are SUPERHERO pregnant

    damitajo10damitajo10Oy oldin
  • Colleen is such a good mother.

    Martin MillerMartin MillerOy oldin
  • The honey thing you're talking about is actually corn syrup. They mix in different flavors like coolaid or war heads and freeze it to make a sickly sweet candy. It's gross.

    Julie BeeJulie BeeOy oldin
  • I suffer from chronic nosebleeds, and one thing that's been a lifesaver for me is Afrin! My ENT recommended for me to use it whenever a nosebleed starts, and as soon as I do it stops almost immediately!

    Emma PawlakEmma PawlakOy oldin
  • You have depression after getting birth you must to see a Psychiatrist💓

    La PearlLa PearlOy oldin
  • Hearing you experience has definitely helped me and given me strength to keep going ❤️ I’m only 9weeks 🥲

    Katelyn JadeKatelyn JadeOy oldin
  • I haven’t done frozen honey, but I did do corn syrup with kool aid packets frozen🥴😂😂 and yea it was disgusting

    Alexis HooverAlexis HooverOy oldin
  • His “silly momma” with full belly chuckles give me absolute life

    Taylor LegareTaylor LegareOy oldin
  • i love the “Mommaaaaaa”

    Natalie CabralNatalie CabralOy oldin

    Angelina DittaAngelina DittaOy oldin
  • Flynn is the cutest person ever !

    _cats.are.cool1409_cats.are.cool1409Oy oldin
  • Don't stress yourself out flynn will be alright the babies will be big strong if ur finding it hard to vlog then you don't have to we will be fine

    Dylan BallardDylan BallardOy oldin
  • When she was talking about her problems I just wanted to give her a huge hug. BTW flynn is so cute. You will get through it because you are strong

    Zuzanna ZuzaZuzanna ZuzaOy oldin
  • Flynstopher's vocabulary is IMMACULATE

    Maria Aurora RamirezMaria Aurora RamirezOy oldin
  • u have rly good teeth

    Kelly RootKelly RootOy oldin

    Oy oldin
  • All the good vibes for you ✨✨✨ you are such a beautiful soul!! You're almost there!

    Ilse opIlse opOy oldin
  • I’m so excited to meet the twins!

    Letters by EmilyLetters by EmilyOy oldin