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  • Give yourself a cute Bob I loved your hair short and I cut mine off around the same time as you and it was so worth it! Short hair is more low maintenance imo!

    Kiana MarieKiana Marie17 soat oldin
  • Go get balayage!

    Julie DJulie DKun oldin
  • Don’t chop it!!! I love your long hair

    Julie DJulie DKun oldin
  • Dye your hair a color and get layers

    ERIKAERIKAKun oldin
  • nobody: parker: WHAT THE HECK…. oH mY WORD….. no IT IS the $200 one ITS IS cuz i looked on amazon

    Kambria Roybal-SteiberKambria Roybal-Steiber2 kun oldin
  • I loved your short hair.💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇

    CherryOnTopCherryOnTop3 kun oldin
  • My phone case is a wallet! I never lose it because I keep my phone safe

    Kayla DKayla D3 kun oldin
  • I think you should have the same haircut from when you tested weird baby products the first time

    Sofiasnow LovessnowSofiasnow Lovessnow3 kun oldin
  • I think that’s a perfect hair length

    Luz MendesLuz Mendes4 kun oldin
  • the shoulder length was your hairstyle i swear

    KurtKurt4 kun oldin
  • Okay so, I love your long hair and your bangs. However, I personally chopped off my hair when I was pregnant with both of my kids because I knew I was not gonna have time to mess with it once they were born plus it takes a little extra weight and heat off of your head and shoulders but my hair is really wildly thick and wavy so at 9 months pregnant I was just not having it anymore girl

    Gigi AllenGigi Allen4 kun oldin
  • You have wonderful thick and shiny hair... I wouldn't cut it if I were you!

    Ilaria OrlandoIlaria Orlando4 kun oldin

    Camila BohorquezCamila Bohorquez5 kun oldin
  • I think you look great with short hair & *a lot* younger

    MeeschellMeeschell5 kun oldin
  • Hi Colleen, I just recently discovered your Vlogs and the other Channels. I now realize that some are under Colleen Ballinger and some are under Colleen Vlogs! But, I was watching when you had Flynn and you were either doing a One or Three Month update. You were sitting in a chair and wearing a Cream Angora Sweater - your hair was to your shoulders. I think that style was Beyond Flattering!!! It looked Super Healthy, Shiny and basically took years off of you! It appeared that it was long enough to throw in a pony if you didn't feel like messing with it and also just gorgeous when you had it down! The great thing about getting it cut now is that it will grow back super fast (especially in the Third Trimester)!!! Good Luck and I'm sure that whatever you choose will be Fantastic! I've Subscribed to ALL of Your Channels along with your Family's Channels!! It's been great watching them all and getting caught up on ALL Things Ballinger! 🤗 💖👶

    Shari KurzhShari Kurzh6 kun oldin
  • You're not capable of being boring.... Calm down. We LOVE YOUUUUUUUU❤️🤩😍❤️

    Nikki AllenNikki Allen6 kun oldin
  • You are adorable! Cut it!

    Twisted ChildTwisted Child6 kun oldin
  • Chop it!

    Amanda BrandonAmanda Brandon7 kun oldin
  • I need one of those too whatever you said lol😻🏌️‍♀️😍💋💗❤️

    Thomas MThomas M7 kun oldin
  • Cut it!!!

    Olivia.SaharaJosephOlivia.SaharaJoseph7 kun oldin
  • 100% cut your hair!! It gave you pizazz and was very fun!

    Tori WebbTori Webb7 kun oldin
  • Yes girl let your hair grow!!!

    abbyabby7 kun oldin
  • Cut the hair!!! With 2 tiny babies n a toddler you do not need long hair!!

    Emily CroweEmily Crowe7 kun oldin
  • Just few inches/ trim I think it’s easier to have hair you can throw up in a bun more easily when you have kiddos 👶🏼

    Melissa TownMelissa Town7 kun oldin
  • Let your hair grow, and don't have bangs.

    Jessica FullertonJessica Fullerton7 kun oldin
  • Personally, I think you look beautiful with both, but I LOVED the short hair! It suited you and you looked so beautiful with it! (Not that you don't with long hair, because you do)

    Its_EmJIts_EmJ7 kun oldin
  • YES CHOP THE HAIR. It's sooo freeing!

    Ãü BarbÃü Barb7 kun oldin
  • I loved the short hair on her

    emma milleremma miller7 kun oldin
  • It was super cute short! I loved it!

    Katie RudaKatie Ruda8 kun oldin
  • I feel like short hair will make you look older (no shade) keep it long!! ❤️

    Ashley AlexanderAshley Alexander8 kun oldin
  • No they are not boring

    Maria RMaria R8 kun oldin
  • Your hair is gorgeous I think you should cut it short

    Beverley BlairBeverley Blair8 kun oldin
  • Jacob is amazing !!!! He is so talent it

    Maria RMaria R8 kun oldin
  • Chop it all off

    Leslie FernandezLeslie Fernandez8 kun oldin
  • Let it grow !! I loved your short hair but sis your long hair looks so beautiful

    Summer MayfieldSummer Mayfield8 kun oldin

    Aishcia RogersAishcia Rogers8 kun oldin
  • I think your hair is beautiful how it is now, but if you like it better short, then cut it short, by all means.

    Cara BCara B9 kun oldin
  • I LOVED it short! Chop it off!!!!!!

    Brianna BotelhoBrianna Botelho9 kun oldin
  • Cut it!!!

    Katie CarpenterKatie Carpenter9 kun oldin
  • Chop it

    KatieDoesItAllKatieDoesItAll9 kun oldin
  • i think u should grow it out more or cut it to the more shorter side

    Moo MymyMoo Mymy9 kun oldin
  • No bangs and cut it short. I loved your hair short.

    Morgan AshcraftMorgan Ashcraft9 kun oldin

    Leona HollandLeona Holland9 kun oldin
  • I actually really loved the bangs and I loved the short hair for Waitress!! Whatever you love, we'll love, but that's my vote! :)

    Julia CharleneJulia Charlene9 kun oldin
  • i loved ur hair short !! i say cut it again

    Raeanne MayerRaeanne Mayer9 kun oldin
  • You're beautiful either way, but I liked it best when it was shorter.

    fruitnoodle1fruitnoodle110 kun oldin
  • CUT ITTTT!!!!!!!

    Jessamyn MansfieldJessamyn Mansfield10 kun oldin
  • You should cut your hair at home and make it a video

    Catherine BerndtssonCatherine Berndtsson11 kun oldin
  • For me I have something called sinus and I also get a really stuffy nose I can't breathe and I sound different and it has been going on for about 3 years now

    Roxanne Ng Roxanne Ng 11 kun oldin
  • i say you just trim your hair now to get rid of the dead ends and then closer to when the babies are born, decide what will be better for you since you won't wanna deal with it after they've arrived

    Maddie LubinMaddie Lubin11 kun oldin

    AddysisawesomeAddysisawesome11 kun oldin
  • “Is this the $200 one” That’s so sweet. He knew exactly which one he wanted and the price

    Emily H!Emily H!11 kun oldin
  • Trim to keep it healthy and give it a shape but it’s so pretty I love it

    Kim DrewKim Drew11 kun oldin
  • Colleen, you know what’s boring? you talking about how boring your vlogs are! They are not boring!! I feel like this is the only way to get you to stop saying the vlogs are boring lol 😆

    Lacey LuenelacLacey Luenelac11 kun oldin
  • Cut it! 💇‍♀️

    Melissa CMelissa C11 kun oldin
  • It's the way she whines about her pregnancy that kills me. It's like no other woman ever had a pregnancy and she's making it be worse than it really is with negative thinking. This is incredibly annoying to hear every day and calling you should be ashamed. You make it sound like you're dying. Everyone else gets through pregnancy. You can too

    Pink RainbowPink Rainbow11 kun oldin
  • i think you'd regret cutting it. once you have the twins, i'm sure you'll want your hair out of your face!

    Angela CodyAngela Cody11 kun oldin
  • I’m also growing out my bangs and have a side part and have dark brown hair and I got my hair cut short a bit above my shoulders 2 or so weeks ago… :0

    Art DragonArt Dragon12 kun oldin
  • Grow our your hair. It's beautiful long! 🥰😍

    Ashleigh BatesAshleigh Bates12 kun oldin
  • Cut itt

    הדוד משההדוד משה12 kun oldin
  • As someone who’s preggo right now, I LOVE hearing you talk about your pregnancy! Pls don’t stop ❤️🙏🏽👍💕

    Voila LoungeVoila Lounge12 kun oldin
  • In 15 years, Chef Jacob will be the next generation host of the legendary Ballinger cookie party!

    Sparkling Silver CurlsSparkling Silver Curls12 kun oldin
  • Okay first, shoulder length hair, and we are here to see pregnancy sso ur not boaring. U will probably never see this bc I'm late but still

    ItsMeh_ KayyItsMeh_ Kayy12 kun oldin
  • Cut it and get blond balayage.

    Jannira VelazquezJannira Velazquez12 kun oldin
  • Try the Overtone!!

    alisonwithoneLalisonwithoneL12 kun oldin
  • Mom hair for sure!!!!!

    ryleigh alburyryleigh albury12 kun oldin
  • Chop it ! Also I love the side part

    Jenifer MaeJenifer Mae12 kun oldin
  • I like your cut G

    pepper fanpepper fan12 kun oldin
  • I think citing it is good but you look good with both

    Makenna OrrMakenna Orr12 kun oldin
  • trim and bangs!!!!!!

    Abigail StoneAbigail Stone12 kun oldin
  • Collar bone length would be gorgeous!

    Emma K.Emma K.12 kun oldin
  • I love her long hair but I love side part and middle part but I would love to see her with curtain bangs personally.

    Samantha FeistSamantha Feist12 kun oldin
  • Cut it!!

    MacKenzie WrightMacKenzie Wright12 kun oldin
  • If your nose is runny and still feels stuffy it usually means your nasal passages are swelling, nasal sprays are ok but your body will quickly become dependent on it and you won’t be able to breath without it I recommend some mint essential oil and put it on some cotton balls or tampons and place them in your nostrils and try to breathe in through your nose

    Raine EvelethRaine Eveleth13 kun oldin
  • I love your vlogs

    CoraMae KohlerCoraMae Kohler13 kun oldin
  • Chop it off it will grow back

    CoraMae KohlerCoraMae Kohler13 kun oldin
  • I personally LOVED when you had your hair cut, you're beautiful how you are now but DANG GIRL U SLAYED THAT HAIR CUT FROM WAITRESS

    Nicole HNicole H13 kun oldin
  • Maybe acupuncture could help relieve some inflammation in your sinuses?

    Mattie BialozorMattie Bialozor13 kun oldin
  • Yesss cut your hairrrr girl !!!

    jocelynn martinezjocelynn martinez13 kun oldin
  • I vote shoulder length cut!!! I love your hair curly and amazing but I know the length is rough with the heat and pregnancy

    Jodi FrenchJodi French13 kun oldin
  • I like the short hair but with no bangs. :) Love ya I hope your felling well, I love these vlogs I look forward to them so much.

    Emerie SanchezEmerie Sanchez13 kun oldin
  • You always have so much fun.with your family... Never a dull moment... Once u have quarantine you seem to be doing pretty well

    Marcy WhitesellMarcy Whitesell13 kun oldin
  • Wow lots of cookies

    Marcy WhitesellMarcy Whitesell13 kun oldin
  • You should definitely cut it like when you were in waitress it looks so good when it short

    Holly HayesHolly Hayes13 kun oldin
  • Let your hair grow!

    Gina RizzoGina Rizzo13 kun oldin
  • I love ur hair

    Mangle XXMangle XX13 kun oldin
  • I vote bangs

    Courtney CampbellCourtney Campbell13 kun oldin

    Andrea FarisAndrea Faris13 kun oldin
  • I like it short, like chopped.

    Aubrianna MichelleAubrianna Michelle13 kun oldin
  • I promise promise promise your blogs are AMAZING! I’m sure so many people can agree that we love your daily updates on how you are doing and the babies and flynn and your family!!! we love hearing about pregnancy! we are the ones who clicked on the video and we are here to listen and be there with you! we love you!

    Lindsay LooneyLindsay Looney13 kun oldin
  • CHOP IT!

    Amanda NicoleAmanda Nicole13 kun oldin
  • who’s Flynn’s play date with?? that’s so cute🥺

    Megan FergusonMegan Ferguson13 kun oldin
  • is it just me or have all of Colleen’s vlogs lately have been ending with “ahewuheb. I dunno. I love you guys. goodnight. pffft” 😂

    Megan FergusonMegan Ferguson13 kun oldin
  • I love these vlogs girl they are not boring

    Jacqueline FerroJacqueline Ferro13 kun oldin
  • I really liked the Broadway short hair but love it regardless. It’ll always grow back

    Hallie GreenawaldHallie Greenawald14 kun oldin
  • CUT IT

    Sarah BoothSarah Booth14 kun oldin
  • Get the haircut! get the haircut!! haha I think you really suit short hair! (also long too) but I think short looks super cute on you xx

    Leah BellLeah Bell14 kun oldin
  • I see zero comments about your hair, that you literally pleaded for people to give you tips on. I think you should grow it out through winter and chop it off in the spring

    DoofDoof14 kun oldin
  • Your hair in the pic of you, Flynn, and Eric all wearing your matching tie dye outfits on Instagram was a bop. Like shoulder length side part curly

    M a r r w a y yM a r r w a y y14 kun oldin
  • 6:38 “hey Jacob, you ready for my birthday present?” 🥺 he is the sweetest!!

    M a r r w a y yM a r r w a y y14 kun oldin