I'm Already Making BreastMilk!?!

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  • try vaceline under your nose it will clear out

    Kylie BuzzellKylie Buzzell15 soat oldin
  • For congestion, try tiger balm. It's much better than any kind of nasal sprays. I hope you feel better xxxx

    Karly ThomasKarly Thomas17 soat oldin
  • The intro song is one of the cutest things!

    Ahmya HarrisAhmya HarrisKun oldin
  • Try some mint essential oil with hot water it works so you can brith for a little

    Yara NasrYara NasrKun oldin
  • Get a humidifier for your congestion

    Random tingzRandom tingzKun oldin
  • Boil water in a large pot and put your head over it and put a towel so it traps the steam in hope you feel better

    Isabella OstIsabella Ost2 kun oldin
    • Put the towel over your head and the pot

      Isabella OstIsabella Ost2 kun oldin
  • the roomba scared me, i coudln't tell what it was for a second and it looked like a snake

    Robyn CollipRobyn Collip2 kun oldin
  • Flynn is so cute

    lilly nagellilly nagel3 kun oldin
  • 6:06 Is nobody else gonna mention those shoes?!?!

    PmorphiePmorphie3 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately congestion in pregnancy is becuz your nasal passages are inflamed. Allergies don't help. But ultimately it's becuz of your hormones. Lol

    Joleen 511Joleen 5114 kun oldin
  • anyone else remember the psychic saying flynn was going to throw balls at the window? Just felt like mentioning that

    Bressia BorjaBressia Borja4 kun oldin
  • When I have sinus congestion and blowing my nose don't work and everything else don't work I either rinse my mouth with minty mouthwash or some type of minty in my mouth and it helps open my sinuses I get severe anxiety attacks if I cannot breathe through my nose when I go to sleep

    Sarena GallagherSarena Gallagher4 kun oldin
  • Colleens “I AM SPORTS!!!!” When she got the ping pong ball into the thing- I DIED 😂😂

    Eve ChristensenEve Christensen5 kun oldin
  • Drink stemy tea

    kiddo 5kiddo 55 kun oldin
  • I wonder if the milk is because your nephew was just born and you held him etc. My wife's best friend had a baby when my wife was pregnant and my wife's milk came in around this time too!! She wonders if it was from being around the baby and holding them.

    Owen Upton-PepinOwen Upton-Pepin5 kun oldin
  • i know i'm a little late with these tips but (I know this sounds gross, i do it all the time tho) try getting the boogers out from your mouth if blowing your nose doesn't work. it's a lmost a cough and a sneeze i guess through your mouth, and you'll feel the boogers comin', i did it once and my nose felt so much better and i could breath!! idk if it was just a coincidence but to me it makes sense that it would work, hope this helps sorry about how gross it sounds tho lol

    Homeschool Of The ArtsHomeschool Of The Arts5 kun oldin
  • Vicks it really helps for me

    georgie waitegeorgie waite5 kun oldin
  • Vicks vaporub? that usually helps me breathe when I have a stuffy nose.

    3lc0rr3A3lc0rr3A6 kun oldin
  • HISPANIC/LATINO THINGS: Maybe boil some water with Vicks vapor rub ! When you see the water vaporizing Put a towel over your head and the pot (don’t be too close) and basically stand there in the vapor. It burns your eyes and make you cough a lot but it may help with the congestion! I think Vicks vapor rub is safe during pregnancy .. someone can fact check me AHAH.

    Jocelyn RodriguezJocelyn Rodriguez7 kun oldin
  • Thats what helped with me

    Ashley SchwartzAshley Schwartz7 kun oldin
  • Vicks

    Ashley SchwartzAshley Schwartz7 kun oldin
  • There's a machine on Amazon, I think it's called a pink salt nose washer. Looks like hydrasens nose cleansing machine. It has helped me a lot.

    Coralie QuesnelCoralie Quesnel7 kun oldin
  • Oh my goodness I am so congested to I thought it’s was just me and I wake up through the whole night chugging water bc my mouth and throat is so dry from breathing with my mouth open all night and the nose bleeds are not fun! Love you girl your doing amazing thank you for talking about what you are going through and everything in this pregnancy and Flynn it’s helps me a lot this is my first pregnancy so hearing your pregnancy stuff helps even though I’m not pregnant with twins but I still relate ❤️

    Destiny HurleyDestiny Hurley7 kun oldin
  • REMEDY: vapor rub right below Your nostrils will open them up! Love you Colleen ! I hope you feel better ☺️

  • i’m not pregnant but i have had really bad allergies in the past, but your your nose congestion i would recommend putting a warm to hot washcloth on your nose and just having it there for a few minutes, it really helped me be able to breathe out of my nose better!!

    Allison FrancoAllison Franco8 kun oldin
  • Proud of you angel! You're doing such a great job, keep going 💞💞

    Serena with the long last nameSerena with the long last name8 kun oldin
  • Can you take Afrin to help you breathe?

    freegrl19freegrl198 kun oldin
  • What a little performer! Flynn may not have taken to crafts immediately but he came out of the womb understanding his audience

    HumanimalHumanimal9 kun oldin
  • Throw a Vicks shower tablet in there, it might help.

    ItsJustNancyItsJustNancy9 kun oldin
  • Colleen, please call Takahashi Chiropractic in Culver City, CA. Dr Brandon Takahashi can help you with your pain. He is a amazing and helped my sister in law with the same kind of pain you’re having while she was pregnant. She couldn’t even walk and he helped her so so much! I hope you see this and you try calling him. 🤍✨

    ItsJustNancyItsJustNancy9 kun oldin
  • GAME CHANGER CONGESTION TIP: do you have a Mila air purifier? If not, try it. It changed my life. (Please like this to bump this comment!) I used to not be able to sleep from allergies and wake up with puffy eyes, complete congestion, sneeze attacks, nonstop eyes running. I got the Mila air purifier and got the most intense filter they have (I think it’s the overeactor) and literally over night saw a difference. In 2 days I was back to normal. You could be more sensitive to bad air quality and you’re in LA so obvs even more hellish. Air quality also gets worse at night so it makes sense if you’re waking up congested. Please try it! I no longer have cat hair floating in the air either lol

    Margaret HelmsMargaret Helms9 kun oldin
  • I NEED to know where they got the stuff for the wreath bc I want to make it but I can’t find the pumpkins ANYWHERE

    Kayla RoubKayla Roub9 kun oldin
  • Sounds weird but brush your teeth while you are in the shower. The mint from the tooth paste opens up your sinuses. 😉

    Pauline RodgersPauline Rodgers9 kun oldin
  • Girl, have u tried blowing your nose??😂

    Isabelle 8urhomeworkIsabelle 8urhomework9 kun oldin
  • Sorry you are so congested. Have you tried essential oil? peppermint on the temples, behind the ears and rub some in your hands and breathe it in. That works for me when I get really congested. Good luck!

    Arianna DebachleArianna Debachle9 kun oldin
  • Can you use the Vic’s vapor pens ? You put them in youre nose and breathe in and it clears air ways

    10 kun oldin
  • Congestion: essential oils?

    Rebecca GeierRebecca Geier10 kun oldin
  • For congestion this is what I do I boil some water (in the microwave) and I add garlic oil to the water. I put the bowl on the table and I steam my face with a big towel cover the bowl and my head. It might not work but that’s what I did. Hope it helps!

    Janeya JarvisJaneya Jarvis10 kun oldin
  • Go out and buy lavender oil sniff it and it is supposed to help your sinuses.

    Michele WilliamsonMichele Williamson10 kun oldin
  • Hey! I'm not sure if anyone else said this, but maybe you are really allergic to cats while you are pregnant??? My best friend loves strawberries but she was allergic to them when she was pregnant. I hope you have more good days!!!

    Jennifer MoralesJennifer Morales10 kun oldin
  • Aww I love Flynn’s voice can’t wait until the twins r here

    Zahra AbbasZahra Abbas10 kun oldin
  • Have you tried nose sprays yet ?

    IceyxLuvIceyxLuv10 kun oldin
  • As your chiropractor about the nose, they can do adjustments that help the sinuses drain.

    Ghost DancerGhost Dancer10 kun oldin
  • Try a puffer or ventilation

    The Charli SmerdonShowThe Charli SmerdonShow11 kun oldin
  • From what I can guess it’s pregnancy rhinitis. The typical suggestions are to: - take warm showers and trap the steam in and hang out there for a while - sleep slightly elevated (45 degree angle) - saline drops or flushes - use humidifiers DON’T use the nose sprays cause it can actually make it worse! You can also check with your doctor and see if there are any over the counter meds you can use. Hope this helps!

    Jordan HilburnJordan Hilburn11 kun oldin
  • Flynn looks so much like Erick

    Sydney SmallSydney Small11 kun oldin
  • I think your to hard on yourself you are doing a great job on everything. Take time for yourself #selfcare and just breath and take day to day you are a bad ass women

  • Have you tried Vicks in the humidifier?

    Melissa CMelissa C11 kun oldin
  • I put Vick's Salve around my nostrils when I'm congested!

    Clarissa HansonClarissa Hanson11 kun oldin
  • Yes! You should pump and keep that liquid GOLD

    Julia TimmonsJulia Timmons12 kun oldin
  • when I have congestion, I put vixx vapor rub up nose and it feels like I'm breathing snowflakes.

    Damian BarreraDamian Barrera12 kun oldin
  • I mean if you like spicy or hot stuff that will make your nose run

    Saliah 16Saliah 1612 kun oldin
  • Try using Vicks vapor rub, that might help a bit.

    Brenda SinghBrenda Singh12 kun oldin
  • Try getting an oxygen tank and use it while you sleep through the night

    Jodi ReynoldsJodi Reynolds12 kun oldin

    Camila PlaysCamila Plays12 kun oldin
  • Have you tried a chiropractor for congestion? Helped me a lot but since nothing is working for you it wouldn’t hurt to try!!

    Jamie WellsJamie Wells12 kun oldin
  • Try massaging your sinuses to release some of the pressure, start at the top of your forehead and press down while moving your fingers down to get to either side of your nose. Then lower sinuses press below the cheekbone and move your fingers pressing up either side of your nose to your brow

    Maddy DMaddy D12 kun oldin
    • This technique is great for instant pressure relief and you can do it whenever you feel like it!

      Maddy DMaddy D12 kun oldin
  • Flynn is the cutest thing ever-

    One Year One ObsessionOne Year One Obsession12 kun oldin
  • I know this is gonna sound weird but snort hot salt water it works

    Carolyn MillerCarolyn Miller12 kun oldin
  • That miranda statue is terrifying

    Carolyn MillerCarolyn Miller12 kun oldin
  • I'm just seeing this video, and Omg I have to tell you about this Oil, it's made by docs and holistic folks as well, and sold by them called Ponaris! And Colleen I can't take anything either, I mean anything!! I'm so super sensitive to everything! But this stuff is Amazing! You put drops in your nose or just rub some in there and sister you'll be able to breathe! And it didn't cause me any side effects at all! Try it! It's on Amazon! It's Pnorais Nasal Emollient, it's mainly for Allgery sufferes and that's definitely what you are having, at least I think. Best of luck. 😉 💖

    ShernksShernks12 kun oldin
  • Collens financial stability is goals

    Lucero EspinozaLucero Espinoza12 kun oldin
  • this is probably an obvious thing but have you tried vix vapor rub like you put it on your chest and it helps with congestion

    Sarah CurrySarah Curry12 kun oldin
  • i wish colleen liked spicy foods :( bc that is a quick fix for stuffy noses in a pinch

    mads ahrenmads ahren12 kun oldin
  • I don’t know if you can find this or even use this while your pregnant but Vicks vaporub really helps with congestion . Hope this helps 🥰🥰

    12 kun oldin
  • Put garlic in your nostrils

    Braylon HarrisonBraylon Harrison13 kun oldin
  • Maybe a nebulizer and saline treatment?

    Desiree JefferyDesiree Jeffery13 kun oldin
  • Salt water is the only thing that helps my congestion

    Lize PietersLize Pieters13 kun oldin
  • he is so funny

    cuterabbit10cuterabbit1013 kun oldin
  • Try J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment! My family has sworn by this stuff for generations. This sounds weird but if you rub a little bit on the opening of each of your nostrils, you’ll smell it in and it does wonders for us. It does usually take all the congestion away but it does take enough away that you can start to breath through your nose again!

    Ashley LambieAshley Lambie13 kun oldin
  • Congestion Tip: A deep clean of your house to remove allergens / a high quality air purifier might help!

    Mattie BialozorMattie Bialozor13 kun oldin
  • Try acupuncture for your congestion and pelvic pain. Natural and it works. Just make sure you see a good acupuncturist

    JMC 1215JMC 121513 kun oldin
  • I’m going to go find my keys, BRB

    Emma PetersEmma Peters13 kun oldin
  • try steaming. basically you have to boil water and put something called turmeric in the water. then you have to put your head over it and breath the steam in and out. it’s better if you put a blanket over yourself when you do this. it works like magic! hope it works for you! all the best for your pregnancy and your doing great!!! love you!

    Vaishu gsVaishu gs13 kun oldin
  • I noticed your nostrils are almost closed. Maybe facial swelling causing this as another side effect of pregnancy?

    Stephanie HughesStephanie Hughes13 kun oldin
  • I always use vapor rub and put it on my nose and it makes your nose runny to get the stuff out

    avery juskaavery juska13 kun oldin
  • Try Vicks mist Humidifier

    Yane SYane S13 kun oldin
  • We recently learned of a “nose clearing exercise” as part of Buteyko breathing. It works! No equipment or meds or anything extra required. Good luck!

    Emily LockwoodEmily Lockwood13 kun oldin
  • Try vapor cream on your feet,back, and chest trust me

    Sarah PlayerSarah Player13 kun oldin
  • Try a garlic clove

    courtny bankscourtny banks13 kun oldin
  • This is kinda weird and only works with some people but you can try putting peppermint oil on your belly button to help with congestion!! It works for me all the time. Idk if it’s safe for pregnancy but it’s all natural!

    Annah Britain HolmesAnnah Britain Holmes13 kun oldin
  • My stepdad always says to put on vapor rub. He puts it in his nose and under his nose when he is sick. It shockingly works, it is a life saver when you can’t breathe.🤣🤣🤣 Hopefully that works!

    Alyssa StatAlyssa Stat13 kun oldin
  • I know you're probably never going to see this but you should out oregano on your feet and then put socks on before you goto bed. It smells, just do it. Haha

    Jordan FanningJordan Fanning13 kun oldin
  • Idk if its okay for pregnant women but using olbis oil really helps for congestion

    Freya BaillieFreya Baillie13 kun oldin
  • I’m currently 19wks 5days with my first and my colostrum came in at 15 weeks! It’s been really slow leaking since then, but still leaking!

    abby legereabby legere13 kun oldin
  • How about you try vaporub. You put it on the bottom of your feet, chest, your forehead, and in your nostrils. It’s from Mexico but it helps I used it a lot when I was younger because I got really bad seasonal allergies and I was 24/7 sick. Now I put on a shot to control my allergies and again it’s also from Mexico. 🤓

    Idaly TrejoIdaly Trejo13 kun oldin
  • Do you think it’s possible that you’re experiencing the congestion now instead of later in the pregnancy AND you’re already producing milk because your body could be preparing for an early delivery? I don’t ask that to freak you out but I know twins can be born fairly early sometimes

    The Dollar LlamaThe Dollar Llama14 kun oldin
  • Colleen for congestion have you tried like throat sweets? I have bad congestion and it helps a lot

    14 kun oldin
  • Are sneezes contagious because as soon as Colleen sneezed so did I 😂

    14 kun oldin
  • For congestion I always use a couple of eucalyptus drops on my pillow at night.

    Alexandra HamiltonAlexandra Hamilton14 kun oldin
  • Try laying with a warm compress on your face a few times a day. It’ll be temporary relief but hopefully helpful!

    Charlotte FinnertyCharlotte Finnerty14 kun oldin
  • Vicks makes shower steamers that are really great in the shower… but it isn’t long term

    Robin SpectorRobin Spector14 kun oldin
  • Ive never had kids, but i love how honest Colleen is about about her pregnancy and how miserable she is. I feel like alot of ppl think that women should love being pregnant when in reality that isnt always the case. No one likes your body going through all these changes or feeling like shit and not being able to do anything about it. And i feel like ppl dont talk about that enough.

    DaughterOfGodAlwaysDaughterOfGodAlways14 kun oldin
  • Have you explored pressure points? There’s a certain pressure point to press and hold that should help relieve some of the congestion! Xx

    Aimee MitchellAimee Mitchell14 kun oldin
  • Have you tried eucalyptus? not sure if you can use it when pregnant but it always works for everyone I know

    Lily JoyceLily Joyce14 kun oldin
  • Have u used vicks vapor rub? I live on that basically to breath

    낸시.IGot7BTSDreams낸시.IGot7BTSDreams14 kun oldin
  • Try chewing gum for congestion. I have very bad allergies and chewing gum sometimes helps. Specifically, mint gum. The mintiest gum you can find.

    Aloha It’s meAloha It’s me14 kun oldin
  • l think spearmint essential oil helps with congestion

    olivia vandallolivia vandall14 kun oldin
  • The wreath turned out great!

    Darlene BennettDarlene Bennett14 kun oldin