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  • I loveeeee you colleeen …. Anyone else? When she said starting now check how long was left of the video?

    Jazs CoronaJazs Corona10 soat oldin
  • I have tears in my eyes your singing was beautiful! xx

    Charlotte SwordCharlotte Sword15 soat oldin
  • Omg Flin is so cute!

    LylaLyla2 kun oldin
  • Don’t forget to get diapers

    puggypuggy3 kun oldin
  • Colleen, you do not know this but you have influenced my family to start VLOGGING TOO, we love you so much keep up the amazing work/vlogs!!!!

    5timesthefun5timesthefun3 kun oldin
  • At the start when it says I’m vloging and ur holding a knife CLOSE UR EYES jk

    Mathew RadcliffeMathew Radcliffe4 kun oldin
  • Oh PLEASE take Flynn to Jacob's birthday so we can watch him steal Jacob's birthday attention & EVERY birthday experience from him. 🙄

    MeeschellMeeschell5 kun oldin
  • Be careful of toxiolasmosis around your cat! :)

    HumanimalHumanimal6 kun oldin
  • You’re so beautiful and have such a beautiful voice!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Carrie GerharzCarrie Gerharz6 kun oldin
  • Omg I can't believe Harry Styles is a Mirfanda

    Erin BrookeErin Brooke6 kun oldin
  • Colleen : why do you watch meeeeeeee Me: because you are funnyyyyy and your life is better than mineeeeee and I can't wait for your babiesssssssss

    Janvi RamJanvi Ram7 kun oldin
  • I love your singing so much.

    Jessica FullertonJessica Fullerton7 kun oldin
  • is no-one gonna talk about how wonderful her voice is? ♥♥💅

    dorris johnsondorris johnson8 kun oldin
  • i love that your so lively and or point of veiw of illnesses are si down to earth!!i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    dorris johnsondorris johnson8 kun oldin
  • I don't know if it's a thing but I felt like I had partum depression. I had anxiety and depression before pregnancy but the depression def got worse during pregnancy.

    gabi childersgabi childers8 kun oldin
  • As soon as i saw colleens video i saw that she had a knife in her hand and i was like naah that women not gonna do that is she but luckily she did not

    Jahnaleigh FisherJahnaleigh Fisher8 kun oldin
  • Flynn is literally so smart!!! He grabbed a handful of raisins. He looked around to see where he could put them and he decided to use the the top to the container!!

    Aishcia RogersAishcia Rogers9 kun oldin
  • Why are you sorry for talking about the babies 😭😭

    Miss Annie DunnMiss Annie Dunn9 kun oldin
  • All of your babies are most likely going to be Sagittarius's! I'm also a sagittarius :)

    Avighna MohanAvighna Mohan10 kun oldin
  • Her wearing Ariana's thank u, next sweatpants!!

    nittoburn4nittoburn410 kun oldin
  • When Flynn said “ the Christmas presents were upstairs” maybe he was referring to all the stuff you are getting for the twins? I have no idea if you keep it all upstairs though:)

    Naila SrinivasanNaila Srinivasan10 kun oldin
  • Colleen your not the only one who has ADHD. I also have ADHD. Thanks for telling.

    Desirae FentonDesirae Fenton10 kun oldin
  • You really need to go to a Harry concert in the future!!

    _Sina_TPWK__Sina_TPWK_11 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe that Flynn is so big😭

    Mellodee KlemmetsenMellodee Klemmetsen11 kun oldin
  • Flynn has the cutest personality, he's adorable

    Courtney BridgesCourtney Bridges11 kun oldin
  • Omg I love the new angle at the beginning Edit: spelling

    xxCloudyBeanxx EditsxxCloudyBeanxx Edits11 kun oldin
  • 8:45 omg flynn is so smart, i would have just full on put them on the table even if i knew it was dirty :P

    Irene ChiIrene Chi11 kun oldin
  • I also have a huge problem with tags!!!

    Angela CodyAngela Cody11 kun oldin
  • Noo carry on talking about your pregnancy I’m too nosey haha I want to know how your feeling❤️

    John WamenkaJohn Wamenka12 kun oldin
  • I have trichomania(however u spell it) and also have adhd, so I think they are related!

    Khajiit Of the hidden leaf villageKhajiit Of the hidden leaf village12 kun oldin
  • Omg that no one is alone cover was so beautifullll, Colleeeen!! 💗🌸😊✨

    CharlotteCharlotte12 kun oldin
  • this vlog has so many throwbacks to og erikleen with the "babehhhh" and the jurassic park song🥺

    Bella DBella D12 kun oldin
  • flynn is getting funnier and funnier😂

    Bella DBella D12 kun oldin
  • Around 5:00 i’ve got Villanelle vibes 😂

    Liz SowerbyLiz Sowerby12 kun oldin
  • Colleen*says she can’t talk about the p word* Also colleen*talks about the p word without talking about the p word*😂

    Abby CuttingAbby Cutting12 kun oldin
  • I’ve been going through a really difficult time lately and feeling very lonely, and your cover of No One is Alone made me cry, happy tears for a change, so thank you❤️ And thank you for sharing your life with us🥰

    Brendan JBrendan J12 kun oldin
  • it could be sensory processing disorder? its also linked to ADHD

    Scarlett grayScarlett gray13 kun oldin
    • My son was just diagnosed with that. I have it as well and I totally feel the same about tags!

      thebjm1967thebjm196712 kun oldin
  • The reason I watch you is because you have an amazing personality and an amazing family :)

    Annie's  weirdAnnie's weird13 kun oldin
  • flynn is so adorable, and he talks really well too! i guess watching all that paw patrol paid off 😂😂

    13 kun oldin
  • I love how flynn put the raisens on the lid like it's a plate lol he is so smart!!

    Stacy lynnStacy lynn13 kun oldin
  • omg i know i have dermatillamania, but i didnt know it from my adhd

    alissa pattonalissa patton13 kun oldin
  • Sensory issues are definitely a very common ND thing! I'm autistic and I also absolutely despise tags 😂

    Dove KnightDove Knight13 kun oldin
  • 0:20 I'm gonna try not to talk about pregnancy today Me:Just did

    Megan SamuelsMegan Samuels13 kun oldin
  • I love that he LITERALLY took 1 chocolate chip!

    Graciela BeringerGraciela Beringer13 kun oldin
  • Colleen: I don’t wanna get into ADHD right now guys UZthe Ad: do you think you may have ADHD?

    Merisa MattixMerisa Mattix13 kun oldin
  • Omg thank god someone else thinks labels are the devil. Nothing I own has labels in and no one understands how I can not live with them. They must be cut out before it will go in my body 💜

    Jess HorttJess Hortt14 kun oldin
  • Did you audition for into the woods?

    Olivia PinterOlivia Pinter14 kun oldin
  • Colleen. I don’t know if you read the comments, I know you have a lot of them. But If by any chance you happen to see this one, open ya damn ears for a second. WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOUR CONTENT WHETHER ITS 10 HOURS OF PREGNANCY TALK OR 10 HOURS OF TORTILLA TALKS OR 10 HOURS OF JUST FLYNN DANCING AROUND. This is your channel, and you get to post what you want. You’re way too hard on yourself! We love your videos no matter what the video is!

    BrookeBrooke14 kun oldin
  • I am bipolar adhd under the umbrella of autism depression anxiety and ptsd and a speech problem and ur all good sis much love i love all ur videos and can’t wait to see the twins when they come to the world

    Vanessa BrunoVanessa Bruno14 kun oldin
  • Flynn- yeah that was AMAZIN Me- dead🤣

    Hanna GentileHanna Gentile14 kun oldin
  • Colleen and Harry are literally my top two favorite celebrities, this is so iconic😩😂

    Megan FergusonMegan Ferguson14 kun oldin
  • did I just listen to colleen talk about a clothing tag for at least four minutes straight? yes. yes I did.

    Megan FergusonMegan Ferguson14 kun oldin
  • Is Mr Kate doing a twin nursery?!

    Katie UnderwoodKatie Underwood14 kun oldin
  • OMG you have ADHD I do to

    14 kun oldin
  • Stuffy nose solution! I did while pregnant and couldn't breathe. Make a crock pot of chicken soup and have a 1/2c as often as need. I could breath through my nose! Also Halls mentholyptus cough drops or eucalyptus tea made from leaves. I use the leaves I got on Amazon bcz I can't have citric acid. I have MCAS and can't have citric acid. Hope you get this and will be able to breathe!!!

    J MartinJ Martin14 kun oldin
  • tags are a sensory thing related to adhd! and lots of other textures too same with noises and touch in general

    Sierra CookSierra Cook14 kun oldin
  • well i also despise tags and my skin crawls when i just think about a tag touching me or someone else... but i also have ADHD too soo... might be an adhd thing

    My Journal Therapy My Journal Therapy 14 kun oldin
  • My husband rips off all on his shirts when he buys them

    JDee PerrimanJDee Perriman14 kun oldin
  • Love your singing! Would love to see if there is progress on the twins’ room?

    Hitomi NakataniHitomi Nakatani14 kun oldin
  • The singing at the end 😍

    Heather PeadHeather Pead15 kun oldin
  • You said the doctor was going to fix you crying everyday what is the fix

    Prissykitty123Prissykitty12315 kun oldin
  • The baby Bjorn bouncy chair SAVED MY LIFE when I had my son - I love that thing!

    Emily HosfordEmily Hosford15 kun oldin
  • your pregnancy is pretty much the only reason i`m watching your vlogs (i`m sorry!!) but a midwife in traing so basically ALL I`M PASSIONATE ABOUT

    Li SaLi Sa15 kun oldin

    OliviaOlivia15 kun oldin
  • I have ADHD and some tags I'm like no thank you get the heckidy heck off my skin and sometimes I'm okay with tags. Sometimes I feel like it depends on what the tag is made of and other times I don't care and the perks of ADHD, am I right?

    Ciaran JohnstonCiaran Johnston15 kun oldin
  • I love that collens. Voice is theatre

    Emy GamingEmy Gaming15 kun oldin
  • Tags are a Nono with my daughter

    007Zoebond007Zoebond15 kun oldin
  • colleen singing into the woods was absolutely magical woah amazing talent

    Josie BarnesJosie Barnes15 kun oldin
  • so i havent been diagnosed with ADHD but after watching you go through it and talk about your symptoms, im more and more convinces I have it too! but the tag thing, thats me too!! I cut them off immediately, even before Ive put the clothing on, I wonder if its the same thing hehe

    Bima LoxleyBima Loxley15 kun oldin
  • Colleen no ones complaining about you talking about your pregnancy everyday. We love to be your safe outlet and listen to you happy and sad moments. As i can only speak for myself, but I’m sure everyone would agree with me as well, we watch everyday bc you talk about what you want! Be you and do you we’re just excited to be a small part of your life and an outlet for you to vent to.

    Kinley BarhamKinley Barham15 kun oldin
  • Tags - Sensory issue

    Jenny KumjianJenny Kumjian15 kun oldin
  • I’m so glad you finally have doctors who care to their fullest capacity ♥️

    NoonieNoonie15 kun oldin

    AmeliaAmelia15 kun oldin
  • 9:40 is anyone anxious that she might burn her tummy while being close to the hot stove! Just me!?!? I was so scared everything she would get closer and closer AND CLOSER 😭 but she was fine lol

    Dalia CansecoDalia Canseco15 kun oldin
  • Omg. When Flynn looked at Colleen like where do I put my raisins and then problem solved and used the lid that was the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Julie LongJulie Long15 kun oldin
  • Omg your tummy is about to touch the pot. I can’t watch!!

    Elle KingElle King15 kun oldin
  • Same with the tags!!!!!

    Elle KingElle King15 kun oldin
  • i love how you weren't gonna talk about pregnancy and half way thru there was a pregnancy ad video 🤣🤣

    Josh ConderJosh Conder16 kun oldin
  • You literally just explained my tag phobia

    Sky & Ares The REAL SistersSky & Ares The REAL Sisters16 kun oldin
  • “I can’t talk about the ‘p’ word.” Proceeds to talk about it. Honestly, just do it, Colleen. 😂

    TalkiesTalkies16 kun oldin
  • what’s your favorite song from waitress? i’m currently obsessed with when he sees me

    Mary Kate AtwellMary Kate Atwell16 kun oldin
  • I can’t stand tags in my clothes either! 😱🙊 And until you mentioned it, I didn’t know that ADHD can affect that aspect. 🤔 And I too struggle with anxiety, depression, and dermatillomania as well.

    Sarah GraySarah Gray16 kun oldin
  • OMG my family makes those peanut butter chocolate dessert squares all the time our recipes a little different though and we call them scotcheroos lmao

    Gracie BGracie B16 kun oldin
  • flynn is so cute!!! i cant believe how much he has grown

    shannon wshannon w16 kun oldin
  • Those cookies are called Scotcheroos on the east coast and in the mid west

    Kendra Marie GroganKendra Marie Grogan16 kun oldin
  • Colleen, idk why you think we don’t like hearing you talk about your babies? It annoys me honestly that you think that. We absolutely LOVE hearing you gush and love and talking about their growth and how they’re moving… we love it all.

    WaterMilkWaterMilk16 kun oldin
  • you sing so beautifully

    Madison LewisMadison Lewis16 kun oldin
  • I have adhd and can’t stand tags on clothes

    Abrianna WhiteAbrianna White16 kun oldin
  • How can you be up at 1130???

    louern123louern12316 kun oldin
  • This was filmed on my birthday!!

    Charlotte’s StuffCharlotte’s Stuff16 kun oldin
  • I like when you talk about your pregnancy

    Kayla’s unboxing and moreKayla’s unboxing and more16 kun oldin
  • hearing you sing is so relaxing and it relieves some of my anxiety, thank tou

    Lxna AliceLxna Alice16 kun oldin
  • Hey Colleen! I'm neurodivergent as well, and I've been following you for probably close to 7 years. The way you describe your discomfort with things like tags and stickers sounds to me like "sensory processing disorder". I am on the ASD spectrum, and have it, but I know people with ADHD who have it as well. It's not you being overdramatic, and its not a phobia - our brains just get more stimulated and have more triggers than others. I hope you can find some peace in therapy. Much love!

    itslucymicheleitslucymichele16 kun oldin
  • I absolutely love the fact that Flynn is so smart he stopped and thought to put the raisins on the lid instead of the counter. He's so grown up 😍

    Living Dead Girl 6.0Living Dead Girl 6.016 kun oldin
  • I feel badly when any women says “I’m sorry I keep talking about my pregnancy,”. Like honey, it’s YOUR life right now. It’s your joy, your suffering, and your everything in between. You have EVERY right to talk about it.

    skyebyrdskyebyrd16 kun oldin
  • also I'm neurodiverse too!!!! I have ADHD and Autism! :)) I also have dyslexia

    x.enbysnail.xx.enbysnail.x16 kun oldin
  • I fiddle around with my phone ring when i get hyper

    RandomxgameingRandomxgameing16 kun oldin
  • The tag thing/sensory issue is also an Autism trait.

    Samantha ChurchillSamantha Churchill16 kun oldin
  • As a person with DIAGNOSED pretty severe Adhd I absolutely agree with you on every word you said in this video! If a tag for me is touching my skin I will take it off but mine is definitely not as bad as yours but they are itchy and then that's all you can focus on!! Like seriously the hyper focus on bad/annoying things is so bad I get In trouble for it lmao but yeah everything you said I think abt/say all the time lol

    Ggwonder 44Ggwonder 4416 kun oldin

    Josiah KingsburyJosiah Kingsbury16 kun oldin