Should I Stop Vlogging?

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  • No pls don’t stop vlogging like we love watching unless you need to then you should ❤️😊

    Ilsa BabarIlsa Babar11 kun oldin
  • Can you talk about your new ring?

    Patrizia PainPatrizia Pain22 kun oldin
  • Omg Colleen in my country large is that size or a little smaller I’m sry but in America the food is just 🤢🤮💀

    francisco jorgefrancisco jorge22 kun oldin
  • Girl you should try wendys fries and a frosty. And a frosty and chicken nuggets it just hits different. mmmmm im hungry now bye love you

    SageM HallSageM Hall26 kun oldin
  • MY HEART JUST DROPPED INTO MY BUTT WHEN I READ THIS TITLE! Please don't stop vlogging! Your vlogs are my life! I love you & your fam so much! I want to hear every detail of your pregnancy & what you're experiencing as well as just every thing & anything else you want to talk about & share with us! Your vlogs are my GO TO, I watch EVERY SINGLE ONE! I love you so much, like SOOO much Colleen! I hope you continue vlogging as much as you're able to! Don't over stress yourself with it of course, but if you can, please keep doing the vlogs! I love you! 🤟🏼💜🥰

    Amanda HowertonAmanda Howerton27 kun oldin
  • OH NO! Please DONT STOP VLOGGING! Unless you feel you need to or you are having too hard of a time with it & need a break of course! But if you can, please keep vlogging! YOUR VLOGS ARE MY LIFE- LITERALLY! I'm obsessed! I love you & your family so much & I LOVE hearing about everything you talk about, INCLUDING YOUR PREGNANCY! I love to hear all of the detail of your pregnancy & baby stuff & seeing Flynn! I hope you continue vlogging, every time I think you might stop, my heart drops into my butt! I LOVE YOU! Keep vlogging as long as you can, love! 🤟🏼💜😍

    Amanda HowertonAmanda Howerton27 kun oldin
  • Please don't stop vlogging

    Michelle MSOMIMichelle MSOMI27 kun oldin
  • I swear 50% of colleens vlogs are “i saw on tiktok…” 😂

    Emilly RobergeEmilly Roberge28 kun oldin
  • No

    Emma darago EmmaEmma darago Emma28 kun oldin
  • Why is no one talking about how she went cross-eyed when talking about peeling eggs lol

    Melissa RooneyMelissa Rooney29 kun oldin
  • Next time add bacon bits to the devilled eggs *chef kiss

    StarStarOy oldin
  • Please don’t stop vlogging Colleen you are amazing

    Macquarie The Missing Piece QueenMacquarie The Missing Piece QueenOy oldin

    Jordi PJordi POy oldin
  • Please please do not stop blogging please please thank you very much love you ♥️💜🧡🖤💞💙🤍💖💝💓💘😇🥰😍😘

  • Eriks a flipping good singer omg 😱

    JuneJuneOy oldin

    Paisley LloydPaisley LloydOy oldin
  • miranda's apology video was literally amazing

    libby loulibby louOy oldin
  • I love your vlogs! Even when you think your being boring and doing nothing I just like listening to you talk. So stop if you wish, or if you need to, but I really enjoy watch your vlogs and they are super comforting.

    Sydney McGillSydney McGillOy oldin
  • Oh my gosh, a medium coke is literally huge in America!! I'm from Australia and not even a large is that big haha! Oh and definitely keep vlogging, Your videos are wonderful and entertaining! I love following along with your pregnancy journey! You're doing great Colleen, beautiful as always :)

    hannah haberlehannah haberleOy oldin
  • Yeah eating crap all the time will make you feel like crap! so stop complaining or eat better!

    Estefania PerezEstefania PerezOy oldin
  • My name is Sofia and I was LIVING for you saying my name!! How cool!!

    Sofia McGrathSofia McGrathOy oldin
  • In Australia your medium is probably our extra large - even then extra large isn’t common for drinks etc

    Annie thingsAnnie thingsOy oldin
  • You are the best! I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant and can barely move do to extreme pelvic floor pain. Thanks for making my day a little brighter ❤

    Sonia CabralSonia CabralOy oldin
  • Fruit salads and McDonald's is a well balanced diet between health galore and delicious garbage quality

    Art 3misArt 3misOy oldin
  • Please don't stop vlogging

    Michelle MSOMIMichelle MSOMIOy oldin
  • That’s a large

    RebeccaDoweRebeccaDoweOy oldin
  • No don't stop vl9gging

    Mimi gucciMimi gucciOy oldin
  • I’m from Australia and that ma’am is a large coke. It’s the same with the food over there is huge to us.

    A Girl And her GuitarA Girl And her GuitarOy oldin
  • I care, I wanna hear, ilysm x In England, that medium looks like our large. x

    Nadene Taylor-BeckNadene Taylor-BeckOy oldin
  • My husband and I have said the same thing about McDonald's coke!

    M StillM StillOy oldin
  • McDonald’s straws a bigger! So more carbonation goes through the straw making it taste better

    Breanna DorlingBreanna DorlingOy oldin
  • Still the cutest intro of all time ❤️

    KazemaRin5KazemaRin5Oy oldin
  • Omg i thought i was the only person in the world that thought McDonald's coke tasted different than other coke, shes right, it just tastes better!

    Oy oldin
  • NOOOOO!😥😭

    April WatersApril WatersOy oldin
  • i love your vlogs!

    Simone HalpernSimone HalpernOy oldin
  • I love ur Vlogs!! they are the highlight of my day please dont stop!!

    Emilia OwenEmilia OwenOy oldin

    ehrlichehrlichOy oldin
  • pls never stop these :)

    MessyKroMessyKroOy oldin
  • Your medium size fizzy drinks are our large in the UK xx

    Tianna WardTianna WardOy oldin
  • Please don’t stop vlogging I love seeing what you do every day!

    Sophia SyntaxSophia SyntaxOy oldin
  • plsss dont stop vlogging unless you wanna, its not boring at all. i wanna be your best friend

    amelia st. georgeamelia st. georgeOy oldin
  • No. Don’t do it!!! Don’t quit!!!

    Yelena RotarYelena RotarOy oldin
  • No don't stop vlogging I wanna see ur journey

    Leah HamptonLeah HamptonOy oldin
  • That’s definitely not a medium cup, that’s a large

    CristinaCristinaOy oldin
  • As long as youre up to it and you want to then Vlog Colleen we love you and me personally I absolutely love your vlogs, it feels like were friends and I dont have this experience w other youtubers

    Rissa DiamondsRissa DiamondsOy oldin
  • When the babies are born, you should try to do another mukbang with Trisha telling your second birth story!

    Olivia NicholeOlivia NicholeOy oldin
  • haha, she said that last time! "I'm never gonna do this again" Anyway... We love you Colleen!!

    KylieCatKylieCatOy oldin
  • 10:00

    M McM McOy oldin
  • I am living in France and the "medium coke" in America is the "largest coke" in France we do not get any bigger than what you have shown in the video Mcdonalds in France SUUUUUUCK!!!!!

    JB MaitreJB MaitreOy oldin
  • I’m from Australia and your medium McDonald’s cup is bigger then our large

    Schyler KennedySchyler KennedyOy oldin
  • I dont know if it just for the camera but she is dealing eith this pregancy so much better than last time💕

    CristinaCristinaOy oldin
  • I think if you stop vlogging you might regret it

    SabSabOy oldin
  • the only thing different about the McDonalds coke is that they are stored in metal containers tats why they have a metallic taste

    Camila's creationsCamila's creationsOy oldin
  • Anyone else craving McDonald’s now? 😅😩

    Eve ChristensenEve ChristensenOy oldin
  • When Flynn and Eric were singing and playing guitars that was so cute.

    Alyssa AlfaroAlyssa AlfaroOy oldin
  • Your vlogs are what kept me alive (literally) in 2020.

    Aleeyah GilaniAleeyah GilaniOy oldin
  • COMPLAIN ALL YOU WANT GIRL, i'm listen 😘😘😘😘😘

    Milly JaneMilly JaneOy oldin
  • Literally on my way to the hospital in labor with horrible back labor and contractions, I told my hubs “we need to stop at the McDonald’s up there if there’s not a line” 😂😂 at the pickup window screaming through a contraction hahaha

    Kristi DorrelKristi DorrelOy oldin
  • If you stop vlogging I’ll be bored

    Sarah HeinzerSarah HeinzerOy oldin

    Fidget_addictFidget_addictOy oldin
  • Never stop vlogging

    Makenna LassenMakenna LassenOy oldin
  • Please don't stop vlogging. We don't care if nothing exciting is happening. We like to just chill and watch you as real and raw as your life is. And honestly, I've never been bored watching your "boring" vlogs (as you would say lol) :)

    Hannah HollowayHannah HollowayOy oldin
  • Honestly I am pregnant right now and also have a million symptoms and so miserable. I needed to hear your positive mantra about the amazing humans at the end. Thank you!

    MissbeautypMissbeautypOy oldin
  • Colleen: I'm not doing anything exciting in my life Also Colleen: is pregnant with twins Edit: um I ABSOLUTELY love Colleen's laugh. Like a lot

    Sophia GuzmanSophia GuzmanOy oldin
  • Dipping your fries in milkshake is so good! Also, I know this sounds gross, buy my sister and I discovered that dipping cool ranch Doritos in vanilla ice cream is so f-ing good!

    Micah WoodardMicah WoodardOy oldin
  • She started the vlog by saying how boring she is but after watching every video for the last year and a half, this one made me laugh the hardest!! she was in such a silly goofy mood at the end 🤣

    Kelli JacksonKelli JacksonOy oldin
  • mc donald’s puts their coke in metal tanks and and that’s why it tastes to good

    Lily KouryLily KouryOy oldin
  • nooo i love your vlogs so much!

    super_ shelly123super_ shelly123Oy oldin
  • yes you should lol

    Bunbun ForeverBunbun ForeverOy oldin
  • 11:15 I KNOW THIS OMG. okay so normally w fast food restaurants and just restaurants in general, the coke gets shipped in literal *PLASTIC BAGS*. BUT, when it gets shipped to mcdonald’s, it comes in *METAL CONTAINERS*. idfk what that does to it, but it makes it taste SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!

    Kelsey AntczakKelsey AntczakOy oldin
  • Andddd please do not stop vlogging there my fav to watch xx

    Ola Marian-RoseOla Marian-RoseOy oldin
  • The McDonald’s in the uk is so small compared to yours! Also loving the pregnancy walk Colleen😂❤️ you make my day xx

    Ola Marian-RoseOla Marian-RoseOy oldin
  • Your medium drink looks smaller than my small and I’m in Midwestern America. Maybe it’s just camera angles.

    LaurenLaurenOy oldin
  • NOO i love your vlogs so much,they are the highlight of my day and i love you soo much but if its to much for you than you can take a break if you want. love you

    Anna AdrianAnna AdrianOy oldin
  • You are amazing!

    Yazmin RamirezYazmin RamirezOy oldin
  • coleen and her family are the type of family id make in sims 4 lol

    TheLolKing101TheLolKing101Oy oldin
  • Noob never stop

    Jaime ReiberJaime ReiberOy oldin
  • I'm from NEW ZEALAND and that drink is like an extra-large

    Amber TurlingtonAmber TurlingtonOy oldin

    Banessa SanchezBanessa SanchezOy oldin
  • Colleen I watch your vlogs more when you are pregnant because I love hearing you HONESTLY tell us how you feel. you are real and it’s great

    Madison ClermontMadison ClermontOy oldin
  • dont stop! i love your vlogs! they are really the highlight of my day and bring me so much joy love you

    gloriagloriaOy oldin
  • 10:30 - Your Welcome

    varvin Karunvarvin KarunOy oldin
  • Okay yes keep making vlogs plzz I love them and also I LOVE the outfit in this vlog. You look she cute.

    Mistie DearsMistie DearsOy oldin
  • Colleen should make a shorts channel where she posts her updates and maybe some cute clips of Flynn or just anything I would love to watch them 💖

    _Galaxy Edits__Galaxy Edits_Oy oldin
  • Please don’t stop vlogging I literally watch you everyday 😂

    ThatgurlJuliaThatgurlJuliaOy oldin
  • "I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN" yea that's what we heard last time😂

    homo sapienhomo sapienOy oldin
  • I can’t stop laughing at your British accent LMAO

    X_mxg_png_XX_mxg_png_XOy oldin
  • The way you chose what food to order is genius!! I never know what I want to order either so I’ll keep putting it off. But I know I’d eat McChicken or some Doritos locos tacos if they were in front of my face lol

    Mama in TrainingMama in TrainingOy oldin
  • I love watching Colleen laugh... especially at herself when she is delirious.

    Loraya WestrikLoraya WestrikOy oldin
  • If you don’t like peeling eggs you could peel a little bit and put a teaspoon under the shell and push. It should come ride off

    AnissaAnissaOy oldin
  • Colleen, that medium coke is considered a large in Malaysia

    Petra PaulPetra PaulOy oldin
  • The ending of the vid is a whole damn MOOD 😍😂

    Rodrick KumarRodrick KumarOy oldin
  • I am not a performer, not a Miranda Sings fan…I don’t have kids, I’m not pregnant…I don’t need to be any of those things to love your vlogs. You make me laugh, make me cry, help me give myself credit, help me find the silver lining. Please don’t stop. The ordinary is so overrated. You’re so kind and so pure. The world needs you ❤️ PS. That McD’s coke hits different for suuuure for sure.

    Sammie0977Sammie0977Oy oldin
  • Please please please!!!! DONT stop updating!!!

    Sarah HeatonSarah HeatonOy oldin
  • mcdonald’s has a special filtration system for their soda and that’s why it’s so good!! my mom loves mcdonald’s coke and she found this out and told me!

    Sydney TapscottSydney TapscottOy oldin
  • me still waiting for the picture I will never get of colleen 19 weeks next to Jessica at 40 weeks 😭

    Livin' with DassahCakesLivin' with DassahCakesOy oldin
  • Dude please don’t stop vlogging!

    Riley McFaddenRiley McFaddenOy oldin
  • im pretty sure you make deviled eggs by boiling the egg.

    Tyler WaldronTyler WaldronOy oldin
  • man my shout out video was boring :C

    Tyler WaldronTyler WaldronOy oldin
  • My family always puts pickle juice into our devilled eggs filling!

    Kiera GavittKiera GavittOy oldin