The Reason I Don't Sleep.

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  • I wonder how Eric sleeps beside you with all that going on, oh my

    BTS x ARMY - KookieLoveBTS x ARMY - KookieLove22 soat oldin
  • Have you tried omeprazole for heartburn? It saved my life during my 2nd pregnancy! And for restless legs try a magnesium supplement before bed, also helped a lot for me!

    Emma O’BannonEmma O’Bannon6 kun oldin
  • I also like to write recipes down! The websites are always messy and hard to read.

    Trisha LenonTrisha Lenon7 kun oldin
  • The writing the recipe down is sooo me , I can't believe I've found someone who relates, I feel less alone haha.It just makes cooking so much easier.

    SmileSsSmileSs8 kun oldin
  • Nope not weird at all! I have to print stuff off that I want to read. I know not very environmentally friendly, but it is the way I processed information

    Marriah LombardoMarriah Lombardo8 kun oldin
  • The reason I don’t sleep…………

    zoeyzoey9 kun oldin
  • I hope this doesn’t get taken the wrong way, but I’m so happy that Colleen’s job is from home and she can make her own schedule to an extent so that she can take time for herself and recover. If she had an office job I feel like she would be way more miserable and would feel so much worse all the time.

    Kaelyn YMVKaelyn YMV12 kun oldin
  • Write down the recipes in your own personal cookbook! 🧆🥞🍔📖

    Kate Helena RastinaKate Helena Rastina12 kun oldin
  • feel u with the non-absorption of words on a screen vs paper. defs an adhd thing for me! u go colleen do whatever makes sense for your brain

    Parhyse MayParhyse May13 kun oldin
  • Reminds me of the SpongeBob episode where he rips his pants and then keeps doing it to make people laugh. Eventually they're like 😒

    Rebekah Jackson VlogsRebekah Jackson Vlogs14 kun oldin
  • I want that phone case LOL

    Leishla RodriguezLeishla Rodriguez14 kun oldin
  • I’m the same way ! I need to write it down

    NoonieNoonie14 kun oldin
  • Lots of times in recipes there is a "printable version" button you can click that is JUST the info you want... just discovered that recently as I do not care about their Hamptons vacations either.

    Elyse ContiElyse Conti15 kun oldin
  • I find it funny that all the issues (except the not being able to breathe through the nose) that Colleen is having, plus a couple more, are all issues I have on a daily basis. But I'm not pregnant, just chronically ill. So they won't go away in a few months...

    Patrícia CarreiraPatrícia Carreira15 kun oldin
  • I can’t sleep at night, but it is courtesy of Hendrix (my Frenchie puppy) and not being pregnant. 😕

    Sarah GraySarah Gray15 kun oldin
  • I love how honest colleen is about her pregnancy. It's like "I'm glad to be having a baby (in this case babies) but the journey is pretty terrible." I just feel like it'd literally be me

    Bailey LoppBailey Lopp15 kun oldin
  • Colleen Ballinger are you able to take naps during day bc since you aren't sleeping at night it's important to sleep when u can

    Brooke HollisBrooke Hollis15 kun oldin
  • Literally no one: Flynn: robo dog werrk He’s so cute

    mazzyminermazzyminer16 kun oldin
  • Oh god I keep missing your videos. Since school has started offline.I became very busy 🤦🏽‍♀️😩😫😓

    Vijayanirmala A UVijayanirmala A U16 kun oldin
  • Colleen your skin looks PERFECT

    Lindsay GrossLindsay Gross16 kun oldin
  • Colleen shows us her belly button but on top the belly I see the girl moving 😭💗

    Ash LeeéAsh Leeé16 kun oldin
  • And people say unborn babies aren’t humans. Ridiculous

    WaterMilkWaterMilk16 kun oldin
    • people say foetuses are humans not babies.

      Beck StylesBeck Styles9 kun oldin
    • colleen is pro choice

      unknownunknown10 kun oldin
  • I’m due with one baby girl around the exact same time as you (beginning of December) and I have the same symptoms!! I couldn’t imagine 2 babies at once! Prayers to you mama!

    Robyn HickRobyn Hick16 kun oldin
  • I type out all recipes and print them out! I agree the ads and the phone screen timing out is so distracting

    Christie MorseChristie Morse16 kun oldin
  • I write my recipe down too!!!

    Amber McCabeAmber McCabe17 kun oldin
  • It´s the same with me. I can only study things out of books or when they are written on paper.

    FrancisJoaFrancisJoa17 kun oldin
  • You are amazing!

    let's talk about random stuff!!let's talk about random stuff!!17 kun oldin

      Morning lnvestMorning lnvest16 kun oldin
    • Send a message now and apply for the 30 k family support grant now on WhatsApp

      Morning lnvestMorning lnvest16 kun oldin
  • Um everybody? You can laugh. :)

    Carol LynetteCarol Lynette17 kun oldin
  • The thing you do with the recipes is EXACTLY what I need to do. It takes me 3x as long to make something because I have to keep scrolling up and down for ingredients and then trying to make sense of it

    MadKat499MadKat49917 kun oldin
  • Hey! I’m not pregnant but I have troubles breathing an I just started using breath right. An they work so good they have original an other ones that are stronger!

    Lacey GairLacey Gair18 kun oldin
  • i like to write the recipes down so that if we love it it's somewhere that we have it without having to remember the website!

    Erin RobertsonErin Robertson18 kun oldin
  • neither me or my brother have ever experienced pregnancy heart burn BUT we both have had awful reflux and heart burn our whole lives. he has put books under the head of his bed so that even when he’s laying flat his head/torso is elevated. I would wake up in the middle of the night to throw up bc of reflux/heart burn and i’d take some tums & a glass of milk. idk what the science behind it is but the milk helped 98% of the time

    Lauren AshleyLauren Ashley18 kun oldin
  • I swear Colleen is the only UZther I can enjoy binge watching. I’m obsessed!

    18 kun oldin
  • The chiro should be able to help you with the breathing....

    Lisa RushingLisa Rushing18 kun oldin
  • MEEEE GOD lol my friends make fun of me so much but I have to write my ingredients list and recipe down otherwise it's straight gibberish

    Andrianna WalshAndrianna Walsh18 kun oldin
  • Hey! Not sure if this matters during pregnancy, but when I have heartburn, I sleep on my LEFT side and it helps! Not sure why but I was always told that and it almost always works for me! ❤️

    Fynn OwsleyFynn Owsley18 kun oldin
  • I’m that way, I write down all recipes I use!!! Can’t do it with the phone!!! I also do it so I can keep it and go back and use it again in case my family loves the recipe!!

    Shea WardenShea Warden18 kun oldin
  • I am stalking you, Colleen - lol! Seriously, knock the wheat out of your diet. It causes nasal stuffiness and heartburn. Just try paying attention for a couple days (write everything down that you eat) and you will most likely see an improvement (and you will also have less gas).

    JillJill18 kun oldin
  • for ur stuffy nose use Vicks vaper rub and rub it on ur chest and right under ur nostrils. it opens everything up.

    Breiana HodgeBreiana Hodge18 kun oldin
  • I'm curious, did you ever find out the numbing tingling feeling you were getting on your face? Maybe you mentioned it before in another vlog. Just wondering.... Love your vlogs.

    Yvette GuevaraYvette Guevara18 kun oldin
  • RECIPE TIP: click the "Print Recipe" button (yes even on your phone) and you'll get a clean page with just the recipe and instructions! (it's usually located next to the 'Jump to Recipe' button at the top of the page)

    vb bvb b18 kun oldin
  • Can you imagine all the pregnant people who are struggling SO much and they are in so much pain, and they can watch these videos and not feel alone? That is like... bleak but also nice in a way.

    aaannaroseaaannarose18 kun oldin
  • Jesus loves you all Repent ❤

    ToeFriesToeFries18 kun oldin
    • shut up

      Beck StylesBeck Styles9 kun oldin
  • colleen is a great mother

    18 kun oldin
  • I relate so much to your add/adhd dude many people overlook add/adhd, but it literally caused so much stress and anxiety while in school but anyways, it’s just nice to watch your vlogs and be like “omg I do that too”

    SamSam18 kun oldin
  • Colleen u shoud try vaporub and put it around not in said ok byee

    Alexa MonroyAlexa Monroy18 kun oldin
  • Printing or writing down recipes- I 100% have to! I cannot read it off a laptop or phone. I also can’t have a grocery list in my notes on my phone. I have to have a piece of paper in hand lol. Just girly things ✌️💜

    Kait DaGrapeKait DaGrape18 kun oldin
  • Hi Colleen! I hope you see this. I’m a birth doula and I usually recommend KT tape to relieve pelvic pain. Have you tried to use any tape to support your bump?

    Hannah RHannah R18 kun oldin
  • You should do a video singing for the babies now that they can hear ❤️❤️

    astrohaleyastrohaley18 kun oldin
  • Finally a symptom Colleen doesn’t have…swelling lol

    AmandaAmanda18 kun oldin
  • 😘just a kis vore a super wonder mama to her Son , and 2 in spe , respect , y here you 💋

    esti toastiesti toasti18 kun oldin
  • I was noticing that your línea negra is either much lighter or not there than with Flynn’s pregnancy. I had four pregnancies and only got it with one… I wonder why with some pregnancies you can get them and with others not? Anyway I know it has something to do with having Latin, Indian etc… blood somewhere in your family tree but I don’t understand why it happens only sometimes with the same woman? Lol anyway just an observation 🙏🏻😅❤️

    Proudmama 4boyzProudmama 4boyz18 kun oldin
  • I HAVE TO WRITE IT TOO!!! Or I literally don’t know what’s happening

    I dunno GabyI dunno Gaby18 kun oldin
  • Every day, every week is another day you never have to do again and another day closer to the end goal and your little rewards that you can tell yourself… well done me! Since you are ADHD, you are most likely a visual and tactile “information absorber”; for lack of a better way of expressing my thoughts to you on an idea I feel that might help you. Try getting something like a small calendar you can hold and touch to connect you to it in a way where you can use it as your visual way of seeing just how many weeks are left to go to get to your goal and to your rewards. I feel like marking off each day as you go until you get to an actual whole week where you can celebrate what that means to you and as you know yourself best use that day for example, to be proud of yourself for the hard work you did in that week and what you were able to endure for the love and desire for these beautiful babies that you planned for in advance *(even though you already were “in the know” of what you most likely should expect in) what you were going to have to put yourself through because you and your hubby wanted to expand your family and for you personally knowing that ahead of time they were very well worth what you knew to be a pregnancy for you. So in the notes empty pages maybe you could treat yourself with compassion and kindness and write something about how courageous you were that week or how much love you have for your babies and thank yourself for being able to color in the day that represents that week complete in a color of the spectrum of rainbow that represents your feel-good colors when shopping for your babies etc… just an example but I feel that as you get to hold and see and read and feel the colors it will help you to understand and connect what you keep telling yourself that this time of pregnancy is temporary. Tailor your goals and rewards to yourself. If you think it might help try it even for a couple or three weeks and see if it helps you feel your progress and be kinder to yourself for getting through each day. I hope this might help you, even if it inspires a creative and better idea for yourself. 🙏🏻🥰🌟❤️ *( ) =what I edited

    Proudmama 4boyzProudmama 4boyz18 kun oldin
  • when you lay down the stomach acid can rise, maybe you could get a comfy recliner to sleep in??

    iloverollypolliesiloverollypollies18 kun oldin
  • At 0:11 Colleen describes exactly how I feel on a daily basis, but I’m only 13 and most certainly not pregnant. I also have urination trouble and daily headaches

  • I feel like if I were to hangout with Flynn I would just ask him to show me all of his trucks 😂 and i would be entertained for hours 😂😊

    Lizzy LLizzy L18 kun oldin
  • Just FYI, I have GERD, chronic pain, and restless legs (especially at night). So, I totally understand the issues with that. Highly recommend to lay on your left side as much as possible because it’s the best side for acid reflux because of how the body is built. Also, eating a bit earlier and letting yourself go to sleep with a slightly empty belly is good as well for acid reflux. I know it can be hard to do, but changing the time you eat dinner and changing the side you sleep on can really help! I hope that helps and I’m not just spouting things that you already know. 💛

    Rachael KottkeRachael Kottke19 kun oldin
  • Writing the recipe onto your pad from the phone is a good multisensory strategy. Not only this deters you from being distracted by your phone, but at least some of the recipe goes into your long-term memory. Smart move Colleen!⭐ 💖

    JLady4JLady419 kun oldin
  • I’m curious but some of the issues you have with pregnancy (and this is in NO WAY dismissing anything obviously because your pregnancies are hard af and sound painful) are sensory things- and I wonder if it’s because your adhd/ neurodiversity? Like do other neurodivergents have similar issues while pregnant? (I have adhd and sensory issues also so this isn’t coming from randomness)

    Rachelle GRachelle G19 kun oldin
  • You need to try nose strips. They help so much to breathe! Also I had to sleep in a recliner for a bit

    Tammy St.GermainTammy St.Germain19 kun oldin
  • Please keep talking about your symptoms, when you’re tired, when you can’t sleep and everything else! If people watch your videos and get annoyed with you talking about pregnancy then they should just not watch rather than say something mean. Most of us are here to support you and learn from you!

    Cailey SadlerCailey Sadler19 kun oldin
  • COLLEEN!!!! You should get a navage! My dad is a sheet metal working but he’s a allergic to must metals so everyday he is very stuffy and that always helps! I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but I hope you do. I feel like it might actually help you with your stuffy nose. I love you and your blogs so much by the way! You’re doing amazing!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    maia davidsonmaia davidson19 kun oldin
  • Yes, must write it down or print it. Our phone are too small or it goes to sleep.

    LLMLLM19 kun oldin
  • Colleen, look up the benefits of apple cider vinegar. It’s an acid neutralizer. I depended on it during my entire pregnancy in 2018. It helped me sleep especially when I would feel like throwing up. I still use it when I have heartburn. I just take the chewable vitamin ones. But try a shot of apple cider vinegar and see if it helps. Don’t forget the chaser, lol you will need it. Much love from mama to mama.

    Charity ChristmanCharity Christman19 kun oldin
  • I am not pregnant and do not know, if it is really a thing, but I was watching a vlog about a pregnant lady years ago, who drank almond milk for her heartburn. Maybe it could help, but I am in no position to give any medical advice :D just girly things ;p

    Nikoletta JakabNikoletta Jakab19 kun oldin
  • I did have lot congestion in just the nose and had my baby at 38 week even sept 3 my second and I wanna get myself back to half way normal

    Puppies and glitz n glamPuppies and glitz n glam19 kun oldin
  • I absolutely hated being pregnant. I had a lot of complications and I was high risk and ended up having 2 premature babies. Its refreshing to have someone who is honest about pregnancy instead of acting like its all magical. I almost died and took my daughter with me for my first pregnancy because I had absolutely no idea what was normal or not and I didn't want to complain and seem ungrateful.

    earth starearth star19 kun oldin
  • Because Flynn mentioned peeing in his diaper - have you started potty training? Sounds difficult but also could lead to funny stories. Wish you luck whenever that happens

    Boxes of ChloeBoxes of Chloe19 kun oldin
  • I’m like that with recipes! I found that if you hit the “print” button that a lot of them have, it’ll just show the simple recipe without all the talk of how their grandma used to make it. 🤪 Helps so much.

    Lindsey WinnLindsey Winn19 kun oldin
  • I have to print recipes out because of all the distracting "backstory" in most recipes. I get it, girl!

    Breena FrazierBreena Frazier19 kun oldin
  • I love you talking about pregnancy bc I fear that I will have rough pregnancies like my mom. Your videos kinda prepare me for when I’m ready that it’s not easy. It’s not all warm and fuzzy all the time. But motherhood is worth every bit of pain.

    Ariel PayneAriel Payne19 kun oldin
  • The writing recipe thing down instead of on the phone is soooo me!!! I am sure it’s an ADHD thing!

    hannah’s journeyhannah’s journey19 kun oldin
  • Same, i love writing down recipes. I think it's because of what you said, it's in a much simpler style that your brain can understand without all that extra stuff that's on online recipes

    Elidia GonzalezElidia Gonzalez19 kun oldin
  • Also “aggressively tickling from the inside” makes me nauseous and I’m not even pregnant

    Tara DawnTara Dawn19 kun oldin

    Tara DawnTara Dawn19 kun oldin
  • Not pregnant but I use to have restless leg so bad I wouldn’t wish it on ANYONE I never slept, thank goodness I found out I was low iron and taking daily iron supplements have made it disappear 🙌🏼

    Tara DawnTara Dawn19 kun oldin
  • Darling Colleen, maybe you've heard this before, but I heard that being pregnant burns 40x the amount of energy than normal. That your body is working as hard as if it has to run a marathon EVERY DAY. so honestly I'm shocked you're working at all. I think you could easily stop all Miranda filming, take extra maternity leave and just focus on yourself. Every fan would understand. In my eyes it's not worth the energy/physical cost to do Miranda videos right now. If it helps you feel good emotionally then by all means do what you wanna do, whatever makes you happy. But I am shocked you're working at this point!! What's 3 extra months off Miranda? What would taking that time give you? What would not taking that time off cost you? 🤷 Only you know what's best sweetheart but I just wanted to send you some love and compassion, and all the approval for the idea of taking time for yourself for the rest of this pregnancy. Hope you find some relief trying some of the suggestions in the comments. Love to you sweet mama xxxx

    Holly CummingHolly Cumming19 kun oldin
  • Who can't wait until flynn's first day of school

    Skylar AshwellSkylar Ashwell19 kun oldin
  • I write down my recipes too🤣🤣

    Adelina ElenaAdelina Elena19 kun oldin
  • LMFAO I wish you could see my face when I realized that by saying baby boy was so low that he could basically reach out and hold your hand that you literally meant out your hoo ha 😂😂😂 oh I love these vlogs

    Samantha FonsecaSamantha Fonseca19 kun oldin
  • I don't know if you remember, but I think you still have the pregnancy blow up thing with a hole in it that you did for a video. Maybe that'll help take some of the pressure off of your tummy when you are laying down. Also, sorry if I don't know anything, never been pregnant noob over here haha! love you so much and y!ou are such a pregnancy warrior

    Carly BoydCarly Boyd19 kun oldin
  • Colleen if you hit "print recipe" it looks a lot cleaner and easier to read! I do this all the time

    Joanna MaJoanna Ma19 kun oldin
  • Super beautiful- baby kicking.

    Crawley RCrawley R19 kun oldin
  • Can u take probiotics to help heartburn?

    Crawley RCrawley R19 kun oldin
    • Please don’t take the BS big PHARMA crap for it

      Crawley RCrawley R19 kun oldin
  • I’d give anything to have your day. Stay strong. 🙏🏼💪🏼

    Crawley RCrawley R19 kun oldin
  • Who is also here at 10:58 pm on Wednesday the 8th currently waiting for the new blog because you love seeing colleen every day?

    molly kreitmanmolly kreitman19 kun oldin
  • This is reminding me why I am not looking forward to having another baby... my pregnancy was similar. Not pleasant.

    Hannah BelleHannah Belle19 kun oldin
  • When you have a hot shower put some peppermint essential oil in the corners of the shower so you can smell it and it mixes with the steam but not so it washes away. Should clear ur sinuses if even only temporarily 💜 Can put some on ur face where ur sinuses are too can help temporarily but if u hv sensitive skin mix it with a carrier oil! Good luck, youre doin great ❤️🥰

    Rachel MareeRachel Maree19 kun oldin
  • L Tryptophan helps with sleep and restless leg!!! It's at Sprouts@

    Khristina BarkerKhristina Barker19 kun oldin
  • I remember how hard it was to find a good position to sleep in. Didn’t help that I didn’t bother to get a pregnancy pillow. But I was lucky and was able to sleep on my back the entire pregnancy. I’m pretty sure Mama Doctor Jones said in a video that as long as you’re not having issues while lying on your back, then your baby is fine too and all three of mine were fine. For whatever reason, I never had issues being on my back while pregnant. Even so, I had to sleep in an armchair toward the end of each pregnancy because I couldn’t get comfortable in bed. It was a longer period with each pregnancy. 3 weeks with the first, 6 weeks with the second, and 2 months plus with my third. Not a fun time, and feels like it will last forever and yet, my youngest is now six. Seriously though, sleeping in an armchair was so much comfier toward the end.

    jillenabeanjillenabean19 kun oldin
  • Maybe you already know this. But with acid / heartburn you wanna lay on your left side. You’re right side will make it worse. Feel better sis!

    Julie DJulie D19 kun oldin
  • Off topic but I love your natural brows like this. Seems like you didn't fill them in and I'm all for it. Thinner brows suit you imo :) You're glowing btw can't wait to see these babies!!

    BanufshayBanufshay19 kun oldin
  • OMG GIRLLLL SAMEEEEWE, even tho it’s literally there I need a physical paper to tell me what to do 🥴if not I be forgetting

  • I know money isn’t a huge issue for you… you should really consider getting an adjustable bed frame. So that you can be sitting almost all the way up in bed

    Kay CepedaKay Cepeda19 kun oldin
  • They should totally have apps for twin moms/moms of multiples! Customizable so it can give you personalized info on each baby! Just saying!

    Brenda StacyBrenda Stacy19 kun oldin
  • I think you need one more ring that you wear during pregnancy because the pink one was with Flynn this pregnancy is the Diamond ring but you are having two and later you could give them those rings I think it would be fun if it was Eric’s birth stone 💙

    A ParkerA Parker19 kun oldin
  • Yes!!! I had heartburn and lightning crotch so bad with my second pregnancy! I had to sleep in a recliner! On the good days, when I could sleep in bed, my lightning crotch was so bad I had to literally inch out of bed which took me FOREVER and it hurt so bad! I can't imagine what you're going through!

    Brenda StacyBrenda Stacy19 kun oldin
  • I am also pregnant :) I am pregnant with my 3rd precious little one 😍 but I have found that lysinate glysinate chelated magnesium 100% helps with sleeping and going number 2, also I try to take collagen grass fed every day while pregnant it truly helps your skin, your joints are made up of collagen and also your muscles are partly made up of collagen I also take iron every day most Americans are anemic and I also juice beets, juicing beets really helps aid your liver and helps clean out your liver and replenish it. Im not a doctor of course but those are some tried and true things that really helped me and may help you on this rough journey you're on.

    Amanda SmithAmanda Smith19 kun oldin
  • i know this is totally off topic from pregnancy and i’m not sure if you’ve ever said this before but i’ve always wondered what the plan was for haters back off and how were you going to incorporate you as yourself in the show and how did you want it to end?

    owenokayowenokay19 kun oldin